|   Jun 07, 2017

Working Mom Versus Stay at Home mom. This has been a much discussed and debated  topic  in the current era  . We have seen a lot of arguments on this subject going on in the social media .There is no right or wrong side to this burning topic.

Irrespective of the fact whether a mother is working full time or stays at home she puts in all her effort and focus on her children . Be it feeding the kids healthy food or helping them with their school activity a mother is always there to help out . A working mother arranges her day in such a way that she fulfills her official duty and also gives necessary attention to the kids .A mother just because she has professional responsibilities will never neglect or disregard the requests and demands of her children. It is very unfair to sham a working mother just because she decided to balance her professional pursuits with a family life . Maternal instincts take over a women at all stages of her life. It guides her to give all the protection and love the child deserves despite all the professional commitments. A working mother also does full justice to her children as far as providing them with love and care is concerned .

Stay at home moms equally do a lot of juggling around to make the ends meet . It is definitely not  a life filled with comfort and leisure . Keeping up with house cleaning, taking kids to different activities , keeping up with their daily task with no rest and ‘Me’ time can be really taxing . A working mom gets to step out of the house leaving the domestic duties behind least she gets a chance to step into  a different world and inhale a fresh gush of wind . It is very loosely said that since she is at home why cannot she take care of all the odd jobs in and around. People fail to realize that the stay at home mom has a full time job only difference being her office is at home. She has the same deadlines and commitments that needs to be met day in and day out.

It is a choice that a women makes that defines her as a working mom or  a stay at home mom. What is important is that the choice should be made by her after extensive deliberations . The state of mind of a mom affects the upbringing of the children to a great extent. Hence it is important to make a choice to work or not to work after embracing motherhood with an open mind .It is her decision that can make the household chirping with happiness or submerged in melancholy.

At the end of the day a mother will always focus on giving the best to her children. Judging a mother based on whether she is working or prefers to stay at home is definitely not right. A mother will always embrace her kids with love and affection which can never be substituted by anything else in the world.

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