Luv Ka the End - 10 years of LOVE marriage
|   Apr 20, 2016
Luv Ka the End - 10 years of LOVE marriage
I sometimes wonder how some women could sacrifice everything to stay married to a person they once loved. How could they compromise their future, goals even life styles to get back that loved person. How much pain could they withstand when their self esteem is dying. How down they could fall to reach others high expectations. And in the end, is that person worth of you at all?   
Her life was no less than a princess, only daughter of loving parents, big brother who was always there for her, luxurious life, And a fairy tale love story but there was no Happily ever after.Though they thought he was not a perfect match for their princess, her parents happy accepted their love. All his parents could see was her good education qualification and money. 
From the day one she had issues with in-laws, but they got worse when her working co sister took her for granted. She did sacrificed great job just to stay with the family, she completely transformed from a classy girl to a middle class home maker, in all aspects. yet in-laws never treated her with dignity. Every night tears and secret beer was her medicine for sleep, But she is a fighter, with little help from her mother she joined bank coaching and soon landed with a job.
This was the time when she needed her husband's support and love more anything else, she was depressed and broke."Dear God, you can't be cruel enough to let something go wrong this time" but her prayers could not turn her fate.The day when she had her third abortion her co-sister was blessed with a baby boy and when she was going through this traumatic experience, her husband was not there for her. That was the first time she felt a jolt in her relationship.
After conceiving thru IVF (test tube baby), she became mother of a healthy baby boy. She was feeling so happy and blessed, but little did she know that her life was about to change by her husband's betrayal. when finally his family was seeing her as a human and helping her with the child, he was running far from their family. when she confronted him, he accepted what he did was wrong but he is now trapped in that extra marital relationship and needs time.
He promised his return and there she was trying to forgive him and waiting for LOVE.....

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