Luv ka the End - How she ended it.
|   Apr 23, 2016
Luv ka the End - How she ended it.

This is a true story of my college-mate.

She : Is hope a good thing or a bad thing? Why am i hoping that he would change if not for me at least for our kid, when its been 3 years since he promised his return. Last week we celebrated karthik's 2nd birthday and next month is our 10th love-marriage anniversary. Should i feel blessed or cursed? My heart is saying be patient, he is the person you love, my head is saying he is the person you once loved so move on. Taking me for granted and not even concerned about the baby, making me more frustrated.Its time for me to do something.
Me : What is his actual problem to get out of that relationship. Is he in love with her?
She: Frankly, I dont know i really dont know. It all started when i was pregnant and started to live with my parents, slowly i noticed some changes in him but i thought may be he was just tensed about the baby. When karthik was 5 months i came back home and there he was, always on his mobile, always in a hurry, used to spend very little time with me and baby, activated lock code for his mobile. My love for him made me blind, i keep saying to myself "what you see is not always what you think".
        One day i found his mobile unlocked, Got that number from last call and forwarded whatsApp messages to my email Id. I confronted him in front of everybody, He cried and told that he was trapped into this and that person is kinda blackmailing him, easily he got sympathy from both of our family members. Even though i was in terrible state, i remained calm, with love i hugged and consoled him and gave him ample amount of time to recover. I promised him that i would be there for him no matter how worse the situation is and offered him help from known policeman but, he never actually revealed what was the blackmailing matter. Its been 3 years now, he took advantage of my forgiving nature and continue to do what he wanted to do. I am done now. 
Me : Are you planning for divorce? Have you thought about Karthik ?
She : No and yes. No i am not celebrating fake 10th anniversary, i have decided to move out, we would be separated forever. I am not filling for divorce and if he does i would make sure that he would get appropriate punishment for what he did to me. Call me what ever you want but i cant be selfless anymore. Yes,my baby wont be having his father's love but i am sure that i can be both his mother and father.Yes, I agree that his parents perspective changed after kid but all i can see is their selfishness. They love their grandson and they know their darling elder son is never going to get married again and have kids. 
     I dont know if i made a right decision or not but i know that i have put an end to my suffering and would be happy now. Dear,i still love him its just that i dont like him anymore and cannot live with him.

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