I Extra Marital Affairs
|   Apr 26, 2017
I Extra Marital Affairs

On the era of busy life people are more busy with smart phones, social network, new applications for chat life is change. The world is on the fingers. Time for family has reduced hence all of these illegal relationships takes its place.

Nidhi had an arranged marriage and so she had to spend a lot of time understanding her husband. She loved her husband crazily and was experimenting everything to impress Sanjay. Sanjay had studied in only boys school, only boys college until his Masters. The first time he was exposed to girls was when he joined as a lecturer. So he chose to be very close to all of them. Taking an extra care about them. But always as colleagues never any other feelings beyond that because he has high professional ethics.

Nidhi always wondered how did Sanjay marry her when he was working amidst so many good looking lecturers all of them unmarried and asked to Sanjay he always felt proud of himself and answered never saw them like that. But that extra care continued which as a normal wife she envied about but swallowed thinking its nothing beyond. Because love is trust and we build relationships over it. This attitude of hers was what Sanjay got attracted slowly they became friends and their relationship strengthened. Sanjay also loved Nidhi but never exposed to her this always put Nidhi in confusion and compared with the way Sanjay was with other friends and with her deep inside her mind. He never let her go to his in laws place alone. Wherever she wanted he used to go along and always returned together quickly. She also always went with him just to keep him happy. Her love for him was unconditional.

Turning point

Sanjay got transferred to Singapore and Nidhi travelled along. There they met another Indian family who gradually became family friends. They cooked together lunch together during holidays and dinner together all days. They had a daughter who was a darling to both the families. It was the 5th year anniversary for Nidhi and Sanjay and he surprised her with gifts dinner at an exclusive Singaporean Restaurant etc all went great.

Nidhi had to go to India for vacation which Sanjay could not join as exams where round the corner. Her stay in India prolonged due to her dad illness. Sanjay always missed her and they chatted every evening saying his lunch and dinner is taken care at the friends place. He does not speak Hindi but sang "Hum Terry bin ab Rahi sakte" from Aashique 2 her jaws dropped.

Her father was hospitalised and in a week he demised and Sanjay could only speak every day on phone and consoled her from the day her father was hospitalised finally he joined her during the ceremony to perform final rituals and took her back along with him. He tried all possible things for her to come out of the grief but it's a loss that cannot be compensated. She was very matured and strong personality so slowly doing things to come over it so that she does not get depressed. Months passed by and she got pregnant.

New entrant

As she was expecting after 6 years she was flying in air thinking that its her father whom she is pregnant with. She could see a lot of changes in Sanjay. He used to use Nokia 1100 phone which Nidhi influenced him to change to smartphone. She was a tech geek introduced him to social network like Facebook, what's app, gtalk etc., he was constantly busy on phone. She ignored thinking its official. But this ignorance turned out to be a rollercoaster in their lives.

They were gifted with a baby boy and the happiness did not last long. As the baby was 3 months old she used to wake up in the middle of her nights to feed him that's when she saw his phone beeping and found that he had an extramarital affair with the family friends wife. She was speechless seeing their emails photos videos exchanged. She immediately woke Sanjay and enquired. But he never admitted the reason but said it came his way. The girl who moved to Bangkok was also pregnant with his kid and expecting to deliver. When she called her they did not pick up the call, her anger arose. Finally the husband called back and said she delivered a baby boy. What an embarrassing situation. When analysed they met each other during Nidhi's shower and as a family friend they were invited. They were getting ready to travel to Bangkok.

Trust withered

Her madness on him ended and she walked out of this relationships since for any person to share a roof trust is more important. She did everything for him and he in return gave her a wound which could never be healed. They moved back to India and child is growing with the punishment of the mistake he never did. Why would people have illicit relationships when they are married and if you need to have then why have kids to give a future without full protection

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