Is Sex everything in Life
|   Jul 05, 2017
Is Sex everything in Life

Its been 8 years since Pooja and Santosh is married. They are blessed with 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl. Those who saw the couple said lucky you, family complete. What else do you expect in life. But the reality is not that. Santosh is very focused career oriented guy who spends most of the time at office, then the weekends goes like talking to his friends and family, playing badminton with Pooja, then office the entire day on Saturday and Sunday goes with cricket. Ofcource they need their space. But when does we women get our space. Saturday and Sunday goes like changing diapers, making coffee for elders and milk for babies, breakfast for all, lunch for all, then evening snacks for kids, then goes dinner for kids, if by chance we get to go out with friends its like pack their diaper bags and leave for a 1 hour outing like a picnic pack fruits, food, milk powder, hot water ufff...

Asking time is a crime:

Pooja being a young woman, all she expects I believe many of the ladies do, is to have some time for themselves during the week also. There may be many things that she feels like sharing, asking, pampering, debating during the week as well. She feels she is taken for granted. Santosh has the time to mentor his team, share ideas with the colleagues, submit the reports to the boss, but does not whats app her and ask her if she is okay, all went well. When asked the reply is "I am Super Busy". Initially she felt strange but later she started swallowing it. But could not come over the fact that she is being ignored and taken for Granted. No one is busy, its about priority.

Memories Fade:

As pooja was feeling ignored. Though kids around she was left unattended, she was missing Romance in life, she found that husband was happy talking to other girls and sensed he is having affair outside, when asked the response was he is deprived of Sex. Sex is not a feeling of intimacy, if that was the case then there would not have been anyone selling their body for payment. Its about care, love, romance,feel secure and commitment. Tomorrow when you look back in life you should feel good and not feel sorry for wasting life. 

Get up and get going:

Writing this blog as many of us are going through this phase, for all husbands out there, only request is to send at least some messages to your own wife asking her how is she and her day, say sometimes I Love You, life is about to live once, don waste and regret when they are not there. Enjoy smallest happiness, there is more in life apart from work ,promotions 

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