Because pandit ji says" you are aggressive"
|   Dec 31, 2016
Because pandit ji says" you are aggressive"

Before marriage I saw myself as girl or human being , a daughter , a sister , a friend , a student , aggression was never part of my being in all these years ,there was some incidents like one where I fought with a family for a street dog as they were misbehaving with that dying poor creature , or in one where I fought with a drunken passenger in train , I fought with three boys in Chandigarh as they trying some hanky panky business with me , is these incidents confirm about my aggressive behaviour ???? Or my fights with my brothers showed the angry side of me , I never use foul language , in fact I used to be the most bubbly girl of family , always laughing , dancing , singing , full of joy .

Where these quality of mine goes after marriage is the most hardest question of my life ......... Yes there is one point ,in fact my strongest point , I can't tolerate injustice in front of me , my father brought me on one direction that never do harm to others , never tolerate wrong deeds of any . If I find something wrong I will speak my mind , never hesitate to show my displeasure , I am not the haan main haan types .

Any educated , intelligent, self made , girl will have mind of her own ,she will definitely question your intention if you are doing something wrong or crossing her line of self respect , after my marriage whenever a situation arises between my husband and his family or with me I have felt that they have two different rules in the family , one for me and one for my sister in law . 

As a girl if I compare both me and my sister in law ,there are many similarities , we both are only daughters , we both were our fathers favourite , we both have strong place in our respected family , in fact I was pampered like princess by my parents and brothers but in some limit , I can't do anything I want in unreasonable way , what I have seen in my first year of marriage was unthinkable for me , my husband have to say sorry to his sister whenever they fought on petty issues , in front of me or in one case even in front of my mother , she used to throw utensils when angry and use such language that .............. Its her way of making the other person agree to her demand . 

Before my marriage my in laws read book of sun signs and highlighted negative qualities of my sun signs , they have sort of made up their mind about the so called short comings , then they meet a astrologer also , who predicted that ," bahu ka gussa tej hoga" first two months I was so frightened while they fought I started shivering , crying , sometimes I felt so helpless that I should ran away from this place , I don't know why but I have lost my confidence , my courage , everything , after birth of my son when things started getting worst , some voice inside me telling me to stand up for the child , but somehow I was still waiting for my husband to take command in his hand , but ......distant dream . Leaving the city and coming back to my place was a bit relief , as I started working again I have regained some of my confidence back so now I have started asking the questions , question about their intention , their thoughts , their action , I have started making them uncomfortable.
And then from that day , every discussion , hot topic all included in one sentence , " beta pandit ji ne kaha tha gusse par control karna" .poor son what to do its your destiny that you have a aggressive wife . Even my husband started saying these lines . Why are you so aggressive ? When I asked him back what is your opinion about these situation , or your family behaviour , he said don't compare , my sister can do anything , its her house too . Fair enough I said in fact " enough is enough" I went into the kitchen , picked some plates and smashed them on ground , I shouted for ten minutes , after that nobody has to say those lines , I have proved pandit ji wright , I AM AGGRESSIVE. Now whole family shivers because of my fear . CHEERS.

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