Only husband of lonely wife
|   Dec 21, 2016
Only husband of lonely wife

Prachi used to think a lot , she goes deep in everything , every small action / reaction brings series of thoughts in her , it was impossible for a stranger to know that this ever smiling , naughty girl has hiding so many emotions in her . Deepak her husband of two months knows this quality of her , their marriage was arranged but Prachi has poured her heart in letters during there engagement days , unlike Prachi, Deepak was shy , introvert kind . These two love birds were trying to knew each other, but Prachi was feeling some strain too between them , she was 25 that time , newly married , not experience enough to understand intricacy of married life , her husband was not comfortable with her in the presence of his sister and mother . Prachi thought a lot...... She was choice of the family . Every relative-in- law was happy with arrangements , it was a fairytale wedding , both of the ladies were so happy during marriage but just after 2-3 days a strange cloud of strain is hovering on all, she felt she is responsible for this . Both brother and sister were fighting with each other , giving each other strange names , Deepak used to leave house in anger . Most strange thing was Ilaj's ( mother) behaviour , she was always in favour of Priya ( daughter). Deepak always running on their command , Prachi wants to spend 10 minutes of morning time with him but as some small sound of talk came from their room, " bhaiya chai" comes from Priya's mouth too and....bhaiya gone .  Priya understood the problem now ,"in Kashmiri hindu families females rules the house and daughters are like queens ,you better not challenge then "  Mohini bhabhi's words in train still echoes in her mind , its clear,  both the ladies are insecure that beautiful bride will get all the attention from Deepak , the only son , only brother and now only husband of lonely wife .Then came the fateful Sunday whose impact is still on her mind . Deepak was in full romantic mood that Sunday morning , Prachi was enjoying every moment of it , it was around 8:30 of winter morning and Deepak was in no mood to let her go from room , it was a first time in her 2 month old marriage , suddenly maid salma's voice pierced in her ears " Bhabhiji kamra khol dai, jhadu lagawe ka hai" . She looked at her husband with pleading eyes but she could see the intention in them . Salma came again in 10 minutes with same request , Prachi told her don't worry Salma , I will clean the room , you go . Within two minutes of this sentence a loud voice came from the second door , Priya kicked the door hard , entered in their bedroom and opened the other door at passage to let Salma in . Prachi was so shocked she could not cry ,embarrassed Deepak left the room , there was no such Sunday in Prachi and Deepak's life again . 

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