A Unique Attachment
|   Jul 20, 2016
A Unique Attachment

" The bond grew day by day with daily care and attention you continued to give" - A line from, From tiny tot to toddler.

This blog post is exclusively written in acknowledgement to my mother in law who plays her role very well in my life. 

I was born with a "childlike" personality. This "childlike" trait got associated with me because I had a pampered upbringing from my parents as I was gifted to them after a gap of seven long years. All the chores at home were shared between my parents and they never involved me in any of it. This made me " less responsible" for the homely duties.  Along with pampering, they were protective of me - their only daughter. This behavior from them contributed to the "unadventurous" and "prone to fear" qualities in my personality. 

I grew up carrying all these characteristics and was already an adult of 24 years eligible for marriage. Even at that age, I had not bothered to learn daily chores nor was interested in saree draping or any other skills required for a perfect bride. I had begun to work and was happy at my job. But within the blink of an eye, I was married and living at my husband's house with my in-laws. 

The key role for my "well being" after marriage apart from my husband goes to my dear mother in law. She has been a tremendous source of support for the person I was. 

Coming to her background, she hailed from a small town and a religiously orthodox family. She was brought up with traditional values of Indian women. After marriage she worked as a school teacher. Even though her principles of life are more inclined towards conservative system, she has open mindedness towards modernity. 

After my marriage, understanding the "childlike" personality of mine, my mother in law took the place of my own mother in this new home of mine. She gave me the privilege to be "less responsible" even here, as she assumed the role of a primary cook and I acted only as her assistant. She never expected me to have my dinner at last after serving everyone. Discovering my "unadventurous and prone to fear" qualities, she encouraged me to climb mango trees at her native place and learn driving.

Also noticing my lack of ability for draping sarees, she helped me drape saree to an impeccable precision. In the free time, she tried different hairdos on me to identify the best suiting my face. Apart from these, she has prepared variety of dishes in the initial days of my pregnancy to help me cope with nausea. She was just by my side when I had labour contractions to comfort me.

Above gestures from her has made me grow affection towards her and also share a unique attachment.

Finally, thank you Atte for being what you are till today. 

P.S : We do have our share of differences and generation gap issues. Till today, we have tried to forget and move on with all the differences. Note: Mother in law is addressed as 'Atte' in Kannada

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