Child birth - Normal Delivery
|   Jun 08, 2016
Child birth - Normal Delivery
Dear Expectant Moms, 
Congratulations on your pregnancy. 
I feel very happy to write to all of you sharing my experience of pregnancy and childbirth. I hope this will be useful to all of you in having a good birthing adventure. 
My pregnancy was a smooth one, I could easily go to work till I completed 8 months. As everyone, I relished the moments of pregnancy like meeting the baby in regular scans, baby's somersaults etc. 
During the pregnancy the one thing which kept me curious was the process of delivery and childbirth. I interacted with many women on their experiences and had a fair idea of what to expect. My Mind was prepared for both the kinds of delivery - normal or c section. ( Frankly, deep inside I never believed I can have a normal delivery) 
Now at this point when I have successfully pulled off a normal delivery, I would like to put the highlights of it and offer few tips for a good preparation of it. 
Normal Delivery :- 
1. Pain Management -
Please research about pain management techniques and find the one which suits you. Practice it from now on so that pain during labor becomes manageable.
I didn't try anything and ended up not tolerating the tolerable pain. I didn't mind moaning or shouting because that was the only thing which made me little comfortable. ( I am sure all of you don't want to shout )
2. Flexibility of the body - Most important! You will have to lift your legs up and spread it for a while when you are at the second stage of labor - transition ( Transition is the time when baby's head comes out). Must do - Walking or stretching or yoga. Don't take a chance and skip it. 
3. Mental and physical strength - Pushing the baby out was the hardest part. It takes lot of energy to push it out once you get the urge. You are already tired bearing the labor pain and almost in the end you are supposed to bring your baby out all by yourself. Takes real energy!  
I feel meditation will help in giving strength. Please practice.
4. Positive thought - having belief in yourself and not panicking about pain will certainly make your delivery a natural one.  
C - section will be carried out by your doc if you or your baby possess a risk. If the doc is carrying out normal that means everything is alright with you and your baby. So be strong and it will be easy! 

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