Do not compare a child
|   May 18, 2015
Do not compare a child
  • Every child is different
No two fingers are alike.Same applies to human beings I request all the parents to understand this. Board results are about to be declared, kindly do not hurt self esteem of a child by comparing. 
Each child is a unique individual, and has their own skills talents and interests. Why does it matter if one child is musical and another isn't? The non-musical child may be good at sports or love reading. One thing is not better than another, and neither is one child better than another. Let them develop their own skills, interests and abilities. They should not feel that they have to be more like a sibling, cousin or your friend's child.
Comparing your child to others is most likely to give them a negative image of themselves. Parenthood isn't a competition, and you don't have to show other parents how much better your child is, or worry that other children are doing better than your own. Gently encourage them to believe in themselves, and help them discover their own abilities. 

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