Extra-marital Crush!!!
|   Jun 05, 2016
Extra-marital Crush!!!

Story of a good wife

Reena is a loving daughter, great wife, sanskaari bahu and a best mom. She is kind of an ideal girl and is living a normal life with her husband in USA. She has a loving husband and two cute kids. She never had any boyfriend (she never loved anyone) so she opted for an arrange marriage. She is very beautiful and her husband is also an ideal Indian husband. She is working in top IT firm and she is carrier oriented girl.

She is happy in her life and office is kind of dream place for her. Her boss is an American citizen and over a period of time they became good friends. They go for lunch and coffee together. He is extremely handsome, cool and well-mannered guy.

One day, ‘Ryan’ told her about his Indian girlfriend as he was planning to marry her. Reena was quit shocked and she was not feeling good about it. Her heart missed a beat and she immediately left that place. Probably that was the first time she actually felt something for his boss. Was that love or Infatuation? Should she name that feeling as crush?

She has a beautiful family and her heart actually felt something for someone for the first time in her life. She decided to keep her attraction for Ryan as a secret and lived with that feeling for a year. In-between Ryan also got married with his girl-friend and was happy in his life.

One day she got a mail from her boss:


I will not even able to meet you before leaving. It is my last day in this office. I had a nice time with you.

Take care.”

She was not able to believe that. She was shocked; not because he was leaving but because she will not be able to see him after that. She replied him immediately:

“Are you still in office?”


Reena: “I want to meet you before you go”

Ryan agreed to meet her in a park. She gathered all her power to see him for last time without letting him know about her feelings. They met outside for few minutes and Ryan gave her a tight hug before leaving. She considered it as a casual gesture from an American guy. She was heartbroken from inside but she was pretending as happy from outside. She was not able to sleep that night and she decided to send him an email:

This news came as a shock to me.

I still can’t believe that I will not be able to see you in office from tomorrow.

They were not able to sleep that night and exchanged dozens of e-mails. He confessed his infatuation towards Reena on the same night and she also dared to accept her love for him. They both are married and want to live in limit. They both can’t meet as they want to be physically loyal with their partners. They have some feeling for each other. She fell in love with Ryan before she could understand that. He is her love and now she knew his feelings too. Reena can opt to move out of her marriage but she doesn’t want to. She is mother of beautiful kids and even Ryan have a beautiful wife.

They never met after that day but still they exchange their feelings via messages. Let the time decide whether this is love that will last for a life-time or just a crush that will end after few months. Sometimes she feels extremely happy to be in love with someone and sometimes she feels sad because she know that this relation has no future.

My Views:

I think that it’s normal to develop a crush on someone other than your spouse unless you decide to live as a monk with absolutely no human contact. You may think you’re the worst person in the world, but in truth you’re simply human. Even a good wife can be attracted to another man than her husband. 

Rule is: If you can’t tell your husband or wife what you’re doing, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it even if it is innocent.


70 percent of women and 87 percent of man in relationships admits having crushes on other guys or girls. Yes, full-on crushes like when they flirt with someone, daydreams about him/her and doodles his/her name on their notebook.

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