Idea's to decorate kids room!!!
|   Jun 18, 2016
Idea's to decorate kids room!!!

My house looks like a play-way as I have placed everything according to my son’s comfort and taste whether its cushions, wardrobes, floor mats, washroom stickers or wall décor. I know most of mom’s won’t agree to do this because of different reasons but I am simply in love with my mini ‘Play-house’.

I decorated his room with different types of colourful soft toys, glow-in dark stickers, alphabets and Eva floor mats when he was 6 months old. We added a sofa in our house when he started walking so that he can practice safely. We changed curtains, added family picture and designed his own activity corner too (with LEGO, White board, Mirror, Magnets etc).

We bought speakers and decorated his room with Disney stickers, cute animal wallpapers, alphabets and numbers when he turned 2. Then he started showing interest in studies so I changed room decoration. We pasted stickers of solar system, continents, sight words and world map. We added dim decorative lights and disco light too. I even have decorated his bathroom with sea-submarine wall sticker. Now we have music corner as well; where he can play drums, keyboard, guitar and other musical instruments. In short, I keep on changing his room theme according to his interest. He just loves this and glow-in-dark stickers are his favourite.

My drawing room is a mini play-area as it has one trampoline, cricket practice area, basketball net, slide, car parking (with 100’s of die-cast cars) and bowling area. He can play cricket, football and many other outdoor games inside the room with minor adjustments. My bedroom is actually his study room with 3 white boards, his study table, a mini book library, learning stickers, display board ( to paste all the things he do, so that he can feel proud of that) and his craft area. I know our homes are too small to do all that stuff but with minor creativity and more love you can also design your house in kid-friendly way. I can understand that it’s not possible in a joint family but at least you can try to excuse one room where your kid can be him-self completely.

A child that has his or her own bedroom will be better able to handle responsibility and will mature faster than one that doesn’t, for various reasons. Having a bedroom alone means that a child can pick and choose what they want on their walls. Having a room of their own will give a child the ability to keep their things safe from the younger siblings. It offers a place to read, relax and recharge much more than a shared room can.

Most common and popular room-decorating ideas are:

Bunting: Adding a string of bunting or lights to a child’s bedroom always creates a festive atmosphere. You can attach their pictures, drawings or anything you want.

Black or white boards: Painting a wall in blackboard paint gives the child a surface to express their creativity and practicing their ABC’s. You can also opt for an executive white board that is easily available in market. They are easy to clean and are thin like a chart paper.

Graphic wall paper: Decorating walls with patterned wallpaper adds character to a child’s bedroom.

Decorative shelving: A bookcase can be transformed into a colourful display using colourful craft paper.

Tepees and tents: Children love feeling cocooned in small spaces. They look beautiful and kids can do multiple activities inside.

Indoor play-ground: Children love to play indoors as well as outdoors. Your kid will love to have a simple swing or hopscotch in his room.

Kids Art: Displaying your child’s art not only makes the child feel good about them, it also adds colour to a bedroom.

Mighty Maps: Maps help them gain a better understanding of where they are in the world. You can buy Map wallpaper or just a chart.

Easy reach storage: Introduce plenty of storage but position it low so children can access it easily.

Create a work-space: No matter how big or small the space you are working with, it is important to try and create a work area.

Soft cushions: All children want to feel safe and loved in their room and cute cushions will help them to feel at ease.

Display Their Collection: Most kids love collecting things like coins, feathers, post cards, pictures, stamps, etc. You can help them in this by making collecting fun and easy.

Don’t forget to decorate the room door: It’s important to give same importance to decorate their room’s door. You can add stickers of their interest and don’t forget to add their name on the door. They will just love it.

Interest specific: Try to decorate room according to their interest. If you boy is car lover select car theme and if your girl is Sofia lover don’t forget to add something related to her.

Mirror: Add a 4 feet mirror in kid’s room. My son loves to dance in front of mirror, he just feel good about it. You can use your creativity to decorate the mirror of his room.

Family photo: Add a cosy family photo in kid’s room. It helps in emotional, physical and mental development.

While decorating their room, do not forget to consult your children about it to make them feel that their opinions count. This room is their personal space in the house, and will surely influence their young minds. So make sure you decorate it in a way that allows them to be free and feel inspired.

Happy decorating!

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