My dreams and his hard work – Mere papa!!!
|   Jun 22, 2016
My dreams and his hard work – Mere papa!!!

I decided my life goals when I was in eighth standard. They were

“I will be a computer engineer”

“I will work in big glass building.” – Mai sheshae wali building mai kaam karungi.

“I will go for love marriage”

I am lucky that I have completed all my life goals at right age. My father is an honest man and he worked for 15 hours per day to give us quality education. The journey was not easy but my parents never left my hand and always guided me towards the right path.

Story behind Goal 1: “I will be a computer engineer”

When I scored well in 10th standard, my father sat with me and asked me about my future plans. He asked me to choose between two options:

I will buy a brand new scooty for you and take 3000 per month from me but then you have to take Arts in +1. You can enjoy your life in your way.


You have to use the same cycle to go to the tuition (Physics, chemistry and maths) and take 500 rupees (this was the maximum he could afford with the huge tuition fees and was enough in year 2000) as monthly pocket money. You have to work hard and you can’t enjoy your life as you have to study hard.

I was totally clear about my life goals and I said, “Papa, I am happy in my old cycle. I will buy a car when I will become a computer engineer.” He borrowed money from his friends for my tuition and my parents gave their 100% to help me. After my senior secondary results, I gave my CET test and got ‘Good Enough’ rank to get admission in some good engineering college.

My father never said anything but he had no money to even go for the counselling’s so my mom asked me to do B.Sc. in the best college of our city and I agreed. All except my father were telling me that your father can’t fulfill your dreams so you should understand. I actually felt pressurized so I started going to the college to do B.Sc. but within 15 days I understood that I am not made to do this. I told my parents that I would rather stay at home then going to college to do B.Sc. Either I will be a computer engineer or nothing.

I was too upset and stopped eating two days before my last CET counselling. It was the last chance to get admission in engineering college and no one was talking about it. Day before the counselling, my dad came to me and said, “Gudiya, we will go to the counselling.” He even booked a seat for me in a nearby engineering college. He has borrowed 10,000 rupees from his peon for that counselling and he told me about that after 5 years.

Is that what a father is??? Just for my dreams he borrowed money from his peon. With God’s grace, his bank started education loan in the same month and my dad applied for it. He is still paying the installments of my education loan but he is so proud of his decision.

Story behind Goal 2: “I will work in big glass building”

I completed my engineering but there were no campus placements that year. I came out of college without any job. After a week of graduation, one of my dad’s colleagues asked me “Kahan job ker rahi ho?”

This was like adding salt to injury. I came home and asked my parents to give me two months to find a job. I went to Chandigarh, joined few courses and gave exams for my first job. I was fully prepared but I failed. It was a difficult night. After doing so much, I failed to prove me so I decided to do job in call center as I was not getting any call from any other company. I got job in an International call center in first attempt. I called my dad to tell about that.

Isha : “Papa, I got a job in an international call center”

Papa: “call-center??????”

Isha; “Yes papa. I am not getting any job and I don’t want to sit idle now”

Papa: “Isha, you are not made for this kind of job. How much are they offering you??”

Isha : “7500 rupees per month”

Papa: “You are preparing from last 40 days and you are quitting so soon. No beta, I am sending you 7500 rupees right now. Now you work for me for 9 hours per day. Study more and crack your next interview”

I studied for 15 hours per day and within a month I got the job in my dream company. My dad helped me to achieve my dream and I joined as a computer engineer in 'Tata Consultancy Services'. He was crying with joy when I got the offer letter. I would never be able to achieve this success and could probably be working in some call center if he would not have asked me to chase my dreams then to opt of other possible options.

Story behind Goal 3: “I will go for love marriage”

My parents are my best friend and they were never against my choice. They agreed when I told them about him although they never liked him. They somehow knew that I will never stay happy in his family. My dad just ensures that I never feel alone…

He is the best father of ‘not so good’ daughter. There are endless examples when he stood against all his relative and friends just to stand with me as my back bone. I want to be a better daughter in my next birth. I love you mummy and papa. You gave me such a beautiful life and supported me even when I was wrong.

Love You Dadu!!! Happy Father’s day. 

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