My MOM and her English-Vinglish !!!
|   Aug 02, 2016
My MOM and her English-Vinglish !!!

My mother was adamant about sending us to English medium school. Despite all constraints in which money was the biggest one, she opted for an English medium school for us. I am talking about 1987-1990’s when English medium were not that common especially in small cities. We were in Bathinda and there were just 4-5 English medium schools at that time. She worked for 100 rupees per month to pay our transport fees, as the schools were too far from our home.

Why was she so adamant about it?

She suffered a lot in her life as she studied in Hindi medium school and English was always an out-of-scope language for her. She did not get admission in good college and deserving job because of ‘ENGLISH’. We always want our kids to learn the things that have created hurdles in our life so she was adamant to send us to English medium school.

She is a great learner….

She wants to learn a new thing daily. When we bought computer in 2002, she learnt that with me, when most of other ladies were not even aware of the computer parts, she was using it for various tasks. She is a technology friendly mom and is aware of almost all technologies that we are using now days.

She wants to learn to talk in English and is still trying to learn it. She always talks about her wish to talk in English but she is not able to do so. She is a dutiful wife, a good mother, but everyone in the family takes her for granted. We sometimes hurt her for this and we failed to understand that she has given her full life for us. She gave up everything for our education including her parents, her carrier and her own wishes. Now she wants us to help her to fulfill her wishes but we are too busy in our life.

“Few things are not important for us but still they can be very important for someone and I think English is that thing for my mother.”

 I was in eighth standard when an American girl came to a temple near our house and I was the only one in our entire neighborhood who was able to communicate with her. My mother was very happy and it was evident from her face as she worked for 18 hours per day for this. Sometimes she asks me to send the message in English so that she can send it to someone without any mistake. We can’t realize their helplessness but they feels helpless about it. I even asked her to join English coaching classes but she is not ready and feels shy about it.

Today, I realized my mistake when I was buying some books for my son. She always asks me about the ways to learn English but I never bothered to find any. I have realized that when I can find resources for my son then why can’t I do the same for my MOM. She will learn English and I will find the way. I will try to fulfill her wish as she always ensures to fulfill mine. Love you mom!!! 

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