Not all kids can do everything - lesson learnt!!!
|   Jul 07, 2016
Not all kids can do everything - lesson learnt!!!

I always wished to have a daughter who would excel in dance and that is the only expectation I have from my son. I want him to dance like ‘Faisal Khan’ and I know he can do that one day. He is just 4 years old and loves to read and learn so we can say that he is naturally studious kid.

Yesterday, I decided to put him in the newly started dance classes in our society. He loves music and do his-kind-of dance on the songs he likes. While all other kids were following the dance steps, he was just standing outside the room and looking at all other kids. He was not ready to go inside and I don’t know the reason. He know dance on few songs but he was not ready to do that. I tried to send him in other hobby classes also but he never showed any interest in them too except swimming.

All other mothers were standing outside and watching their kids dancing cutely. One lady said something about Vibhore to other ladies and suddenly they all started giving me suggestions ….

“Don’t force him “– I am not forcing dear, I am encouraging him to go inside and learn. Yes, My way may be different than yours but I know how to handle my kid.

“Why don’t you let him join skating classes “– I have not stopped him to join anything. I tried but I can’t do anything If he is not ready to do that.

“He has fewer friends, why don’t you bring him for more time.” - Believe me I tried a lot of times but he plays in his own way. He enjoys watching other kids rather doing it himself.

I felt so bad about Vibhore’s behavior that I returned home and started crying. He was happily standing outside but was not ready to go inside. My son is introvert in nature and he does not mix up very easily. He takes time to accept an activity but it does not mean that he can’t do that. Even for swimming, he was not ready to enter in pool on first day and we have literally picked and forced him to enter in the swimming pool and then he started loving those classes.

My husband calmly said, “ Isha, Not all kids are same. Our son is not ready for these classes so let it be. He is already a brilliant kid and is blessed with a different kind of skills. He like to learn and experiment so let him do that. Don’t get upset with the things he can’t do because he can do a lot of things that other kids can’t do at his age. Stop comparing him with other kids. You may not believe that many people want their kids to be like him but you have him. Give him time if he is not ready to dance or skate. He is not doing it now but it does not mean that he will never do that. He has achieved a lot and will always make you proud. Stop bothering about all these things. “

I was crying badly and these words gave me strength to try again after sometime.

Lesson Learnt

I won’t force him for anything now. I will try to encourage him for these activities and he can do whenever he will be ready for that. All kids have different inborn talent and I should not compare him with other kids.

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