Sleeping with a snoring husband !!!
|   May 21, 2016
Sleeping with a snoring husband !!!

It's lovely to lie in each other's arms in bed but what happens if you just can't sleep that way because your husband snores? He snores too hard to sleep. For first two months after my marriage, I was not able to sleep because of this problem. For next few months I asked him to sleep after I will sleep but that was a short term solution. I tried to sleep in different direction, with cotton in ears, with cooler on in room (even in winters) and by putting a pillow on my ears but nothing helped me. Sometimes I managed to sleep but then again his loud ‘KHARAATE’ volume increase exponentially and I had to move out of room to sleep for few hours.

Sometimes I even felt like throwing him out of the room, I always keep an extra pillow with me to remind him that someone else is also trying to sleep here. I’d kick him, and he’d stop momentarily. It was bad, and I was so, so mad at myself for not being able to sleep with snoring. I was a working woman and managing office after a sleepless night was not possible at all. UUF!!!

I even tried nasal strips, it helped but it just reduced the volume. His family said that you will eventually get used to it and you will be able to sleep. I think it runs in their family as once I was at my in-laws place and my husband was not there. My MIL was sleeping with me and my FIL was sleeping in another room. They were giving each other a tough competition. I don’t know who won but I was not sleep for whole night so I decided to enjoy the music of train (snoring)… When I told them about the same they started laughing like I have cracked a joke.

After he became a father, he decided to take steps to reduce the snoring. We still sleep in different directions, we still prefer to sleep in fan (even in winters) and I still sleep with a pillow to hit him when volume increases above my tolerance level but I manage to sleep now a days. Below are some solutions that you can also try :

Lift the head of the bed a bit: It helps actually. Your head should be few inches higher than your feet.

Losing Weight: Sometimes over weight causes snoring. Losing few kilos may help.

Throat exercises to stop snoring: Throat exercises can strengthen muscles in the upper respiratory tract and be an effective way to reduce or stop snoring. There are a lots of videos available on YouTube for reference.

Sleep posture: Sleeping flat on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway. Changing your sleep position can help.

Yoga: Regular yoga helped him a lot so please try few breathing exercises.

Eat right: Eating light dinner and eating 2-3 hours before sleeping reduces snoring problem.

Set up a second room: If required, you can ask him to sleep in another room. I found this as the best one…

Medical Problem : Often snoring is due to obstructive sleep apnea.( Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which the flow of air pauses or decreases during breathing while you are asleep because the airway has become narrowed, blocked, or floppy. A pause in breathing is called an apnea episode. A decrease in airflow during breathing is called a hypopnea episode. Almost everyone has brief apnea episodes while they sleep.) Please check with the doctor in this case.

Snoring spouse is a major issue and 30% of marriages suffer because of this problem. I am now used to his snoring actually. Please share your experiences too and what all you did to get rid of this problem…

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