The word 'No' doesnt exist for women...
|   Mar 05, 2017
The word 'No' doesnt exist for women...

In india women are being treated as a slave no matter what they have achieved no matter what they have earned..they will always be considered as the one who should be recessive to their oppposite kind.. i mean man.Yes thats the scenario of every indian family.

When we talk about women empowerment we just address those women who are living in above average family but in India most of the families are either lower class or middle class.For them women empowerment is just a tool used by politicians to get votes.For women in their family every thing is still the same.

Women cannot utter a word 'no'.If they do then either nobody will listen or she will be made to change her mind. After marriage a women is supposed to nod her head in yes in each every thing she is being asked to do.She is alwayz been their victim of everyone's judgemental eyes.I dont understand why she cannot be treated as other normal member of the family.Why she should fulfill everyone's expectations.Why the mothers instead of expecting from their own kids for whom she might have sacrificed everything expects from the one for whom she had done nothing ..thats so injustice. If a daughter in law will be treated like her own daughter and her choices will be accepted then there wont be any negative impact on her life after marriage.

Thats pity on the women's side that a women is the one who dont understand other women even after facing the similar circumstances.For realising the man.. women's actual position in the society firstly the women should understand their own species and support it.For Chasing the dream of empowerment its essential to change the mindset of women themselves. You will always find a woman who comments on other female instead of encouraging her.why it is so hard to motivate her and keeping her dreams as assests for her.why is it so hard for a female to accept that the other one can be better than her..and she should appreciate her.Even one word of appreciation can sometimes make her day.why you cannot understand the girl you brought your home is someone's daughter and she might also have some of her opinion and she may not agree with urs.Respect her wishes and she will love you coz thats what she is made to do.

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