A Healthy Mom is the best Mothers day Gift
|   May 20, 2016
A Healthy Mom is the best Mothers day Gift

I realised the value of Mom after losing her. As long as I remember her, she used to be sick and bedridden most of the time. I was in class one when a neighbour brought me back home from school because my mother had collapsed. That was the first image that I remember of her sickness. Later I remember her as always being sick, weak and fragile.

I do not remember doing the usual stuffs that a mother and daughter do. We hardly went shopping together. Whenever we went she used to get tired quickly and most of the time we left shopping midway. She never attended any of my school’s events. It was my father who always went to attend my open house or annual day function.

I often used to feel embarrassed about her looks. While the mother’s of my friends looked young and energetic my Mom looked more like my grand mom. On many occasions random people asked us if she was my grandmother. Due to her medicines she had grey hair. She started losing teeth and getting wrinkles all over her body. When she was forty she looked as if she was sixty.

She was so overwhelmed with her illness that she never took care of her looks. I do not remember a single instance when she did eyebrows or got a facial. She was so careless about her looks that she never even bothered to wear matching blouses with her sarees. She had very few sarees and often never bothered to buy any. By the time I was in my teens she was already bed-ridden and she passed away before I crossed my teenage.

The sad part is not her death but the life that she lived, a life ridden by sickness and depression. Now when I see Mother’s Day celebration all over I wish I could go back in time and wish her. If could go back I would make everyday special for her. I would make #EveryDayIsMothersday for her. However the celebration wouldn’t include cards and roses and gifts but I would give her the gift of life.

I would make changes in her life. She didn’t have a terminal disease. She just didn’t have faith in life. She had stopped loving life. If I could go back the first thing I would teach her is to love life. I would teach her to love the challenges of life and progress. My mom had stopped living. She hated everything around her. She blamed her illness for ruining her life. However now when I introspect I feel it was her thought and her obsession with her disease that ruined her life.

This is my message to all moms. The best gift you can give your child is your health and happiness. If you are healthy and happy you send positive vibes to your child. So moms please take care of you. Make every day a mother’s day by being happy, positive and lovable. Do not crib about the challenges in life. Accept them and progress forward. My intention to write this Everyday is Mothers day contest is to spread the message that celebrates each and every day as a special day. Only happy and healthy mothers can grow happy and healthy future citizens.

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