Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself
|   Sep 07, 2016
Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

Since both my parents were working, Shoba Kaki was my caretaker. She was not only my nanny but someone who knew every bit of me .I loved the fact that she loved me unselfishly and tolerated my tantrums. Like most of the kids I was also clumsy and bad at eating and that showed up on my health,I had a poor immune system leading to frequent illness. Though there were no major health issues, common cold, sore throat and fever was recurrent with seasonal changes. And whenever I was ill, I needed Mom around me... her presence was a comfort and I felt better with all the love and pampering that was showered upon me. And probably that was the best part of childhood… getting pampered by all.

As I grew, the common cold started becoming a nuisance and it started popping up every other day. My parents took me to the best Pediatricians in the city, the prescribed medicines worked for a couple of days and then I was back to normal…sneezing the entire day and nursing my running nose. Neighbors and relatives also gave various home remedies to cure me and suggested various Pediatricians. Every weekend we were at a new clinic and it became a routine for us. While all this was happening a lot of other things also got impacted. My sick leaves at school impacted my studies and my parents also had to take leaves turn by turn so that they could be with me when I was unwell…this disturbed our normal living.

One morning Shoba Kaki was helping Mom to pack my Tiffin and she started talking with Mumma. That day Kaki had a long discussion with Mom and told her few remedies. That evening Mom told me about the tangy - sweet and sour paste that I had to take every day. I knew all this was Shoba Kaki’s “Nuskha” but since my mom insisted I had to take it. I thought a spoon of paste was a better option than having yucky medicines mum used to feed me with.

I still remember the taste of Dabur Chyawanprash, when I had it for the first time….It had a tickling …tangy taste and felt like heaven…it was million times better than the bitter tablets and other remedies that were experimented upon me, and trust me …the results were truly amazing …the tangy paste had actually started working … my cold, running nose and other issues gradually reduced. My appetite improved and I started eating everything that I had never tried in so many years. I started loving my food and we started having a normal peaceful life.

Today after years, I still continue to have my tangy paste and in my busy routine it acts as a stress reliever. But unlike me, my little one is not too fussy with her food she eats all… she loves and I ensure she eats all that is required to stay fit. I remember my weekends were always at a new clinic,  experimenting new doctors… what a waste of time it was. Aashna has better weekends, she has her hobby classes and evenings with her Mommy and Daddy and she ensures I try a new cuisine every weekend…and that kept me busy too.While my days are too hectic with office and home, I made it a point that our health is not ignored. A 20 minutes’ walk and 45 minutes of Yoga is a mandate in my house. Mandate may sound too rude… but gradually it became a habit and we started loving our mornings. Aashna also joins us for the walk on weekends where she plays around, she walks, jogs and does whatever she feels like…I am happy she loves it more than her cartoons.

Salads and fruits are a part of our daily meals...deep fried, bakery items and soft drinks are strictly avoided and it is replaced by yummy sprouts and delicious fruit juices. And off course, we are allowed to cheat on weekends…we munch our favorite foods. And not to forget, the tangy paste still continues to be a part of our lives even today.

I think this was a much needed change, we run around to make our living and push ourselves to the extremes and end up ignoring ourselves. A healthy and peaceful life is what we all seek for and it goes without saying … that a healthy diet and a conscious decision to stay fit … will take you long way.

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