Love is not air to breathe-There is more to life
|   Mar 15, 2017
Love is not air to breathe-There is more to life

Those love songs,red roses,heart shaped cakes and chocs,romantic daily soaps -all of these have taken over us. With all this aroma of love,a happy relationship ,happily married(though a contrast word in itself),happily ever after -all this is a big NO. That's not all there is, and this is not what life is.

A good life, people, is not one about deeply in love and romance,h ugs,mng kisses,v day dates, it is one made of balance. And that balance has flow out of the scene.  Most online sites,and spiritual speakers would tell you a well-balanced happy ending life would comprise of essentially four things: Creativity, Self Importance, Companionship and Expression. As long as a person is in sync with these aspects, "happiness" as such becomes a guaranteed result.  Lets start with creativity. Regardless of what our understanding of being 'creative' is.I ts all about anything which gives us a mental exercise.It is impossible to find a goal, when you are not emphasizing on thinking .Rather we are just going with flow .As human beings, we must do what we feel is good for our society and ourself.When one starts falling in this pit and feels "useless", that kind of depression and loss of self worth becomes almost irreparable. What Get a job. Find a hobby. Do what will make you how you once saw yourself. Do something that makes you feel like you're contributing. Spending days on various social sites trying to find validation isn't going to work in the long run.  Next, comes companionship. Noooowwww this. Friends, please let's remind ourselves that companionship means a lot more than a bf-gf relation, candlelight dinner ,Valentine's Card. For me personally, this is lesser about finding your one true love, and more about responsibility. I am all in for romance and Titanic date nights, but in all of this I feel saddened that hardly anyone these days is thinking of other relations that exists in our life.Infact we have started ignoring even yourself. When did it become such a sidelined business to be close to yourself? How and why should one expect to find a soulmate if we still don't feel comfortable with our own self?  Find what makes you happy with yourself. Spend time with people. Help those who love you already, and that includes yourself. Grow with your innerself.

And lastly, comes expression. Emotions. Why is it that the only emotion or expression which have occupied our mind is that related to love life only? By love of course, we speak of nothing platonic. We are all so filled with some kind of anger or another,f rustation,depression we hardly even laugh as loud as we used to be in our childhood.With tears in our eyes and still laughing. What really kills a person is the constant restraining of emotions, of feelings that you keep inside of you. This one is to each their own, and I can't help you find your route. But do it yourself, find a medium that helps you express. Take. It. All. Out. And that's that. Let's summarize. I'm really not saying it's not a big deal. Of course it is. Finding a life partner, someone you spend your whole world with, someone who you trust with your whole heart, someone you enjoy all the little things of life with - all of that is important. But why are we forgetting that it's a part of life, and not the entirety of it? We are so bent on the idea of another person completing us, we have forgotten we as a half are not complete to begin with. Make yourself the best version of you. Understand your flaws and faults, and all you're best at. Everything else will fall into place, I promise.

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