A new beginning learnt from my young one!
|   Feb 15, 2016
A new beginning learnt from my young one!

Childhood has a lot of innocence brimming in its phase. I think the world and the actions or the reactions we take or make, our children perceive them to be an important part of the world.

As New Year came, one fine morning my son and myself sat to clear his old unused clothes and his toys from the cupboard. And on that morning when there was no school to rush, we managed to sort out and achieve our goal in clearing the cupboard with essentials. So except for the ones that were in good condition, we could accumulate two bags of old clothes and old toys. The toys of course were of those which were slightly broken or he had outgrown them, yet we kept it with us for over two years.

Then came the festival, Sankranti during which we happened to buy new clothes for my son and myself. I had kept these bags at the back of the closet and thought of giving it to the house help or the lady who diligently and regularly sweeps the street where I stay. Anyway, it was not too important for me at that time.

So the celebrations went by, new clothes were worn, we participated in traditional festivities like kite-flying and sweet packs from neighbours were exchanged and we had fun.

Two days after the festival, we happened to pass by a construction work site and there was my son asking me to stop the vehicle. This was a site close to our home and he told me that if I didn’t mind, he wanted to give away the two bags of old clothes and toys to the kids who were slightly younger to him staying at the construction site.

I was happily shocked with his wish to share his clothes and toys with those kids! My kid had grown up, grown up enough to teach me! Parenting is not necessarily how we teach children. Many times a new initiative or a new beginning can be done with what our kids teach us.

The moment was beautiful for me and, yes, we did go back home and collect the bags and give it to the two kids. It was not just a child realizing the value of sharing or giving away but it also made me understand that it is important to learn from goodness from all, irrespective of age or background.

This New Year we decided to keep sharing our toys, clothes and books with the less privileged in the block. We have decided to visit our cupboard every month and make a bag of goods that can be passed on!

Khuljaye bachpan is perhaps more eminent when you involve yourself with new beginnings or rekindle your childhood through your child. For me and my child, it was a new beginning of how we would try and follow this gesture in the months to come where we can share whenever and wherever possible. What’s your New Year’s resolution with your child?




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