Sweet memories of an outing at the Jawaharlal Planetarium in Bangalore
|   Oct 29, 2015
Sweet memories of an outing at the Jawaharlal Planetarium in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the nicest cities to live considering the weather in the city compared to a lot others in the country. But I have often heard people who visit us saying the city has very few activities as a tourist destination. More so families who visit the city or even staying in the city for many years find it difficult to go to child friendly spaces apart from malls. Well, I would say that these people are really not looking out for all the possible venues for an enriched experience.

I had been to the planetarium on a school trip years ago. And after being fascinated by the experience in the growing years, somehow the memory had just faded away. Last year there was a new report on a short film on Solar System of around 50 minutes to be screened at the planetarium in English and Kannada. So after leaving my child for school I headed out to the Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium which is near the iconic landmarks in the city, near Vidhana Soudha, on Chowdiah Road and opposite Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain.  

At that time there was hardly anyone and the gentleman issuing the tickets was surprised, I had come 5 days in advance to book the tickets. Once I had my tickets I decided to wait until 'the day' over the weekend and then surprised him on the day outing. 

With minimum knowledge that my child has on the planets and the sun, we were off to watch a movie. This will be a different one and the child excitedly anticipated something new. 

We as a family reached the venue and there was ample parking space. There is a kid's play area too if one has to spend time until the show is scheduled to begin. 

 I was pleasantly surprised at the facilities at the planetarium. We were guided to the air conditioned sky theater where the movie was to be screened. The space is a neat auditorium and over 200 people can be seated. Inside the movie is not shown on any screen but as you see above from your seat the entire sky theater becomes the galaxy with stars and planets.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and my son was literally over the moon for getting him to see something other than cartoons or regular movies. Even though he knew no popcorns or any other eatables were allowed he was elated for having an opportunity to be at the planetarium.

Apart from the sky theater experience children can play at a mini science park in the premises where they get to learn a few science concepts through play equipments. There are a few stalls that serve snacks and beverages.

Also when one is outside the planetarium one can see a huge Indian National flag being hoisted and the view makes the experience one step ahead in awesomeness.. 

Though after this experience we went again to see the same movie with my son's friend we still feel we will be heading out to this venue again. We still haven't watched another Sunday special movie 'Dawn of the Space age' and we hope to catch it sometime in the planetarium.  

Things to note:

1) Children below 3 years are not allowed. In fact this experience will be enjoyed much better with older children of at least 5 years above. 

2) Ticket prices for an adult is Rs. 35 and Rs. 20 for a child. Show timings for the daily English show is 12.30 noon.

3) Eatables and mobiles are not allowed.

4) Photography and videography is not allowed in the auditorium. 

5) Mondays and second Tuesdays are holidays.

6) Rest rooms are present in the venue.

For more details visit the page http://www.taralaya.org/show-schedule.php

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