Just Say "I will take responsibility"!!
|   Mar 14, 2017
Just Say "I will take responsibility"!!

That evening started with the hottest topic that I was avoiding for several months.

"Mataji's knee replacement surgery"

For the past several months, Mataji and the King of the house went to several doctors just to confirm that the knees can be operated upon safely. And since then Mataji was the drama queen of the house, calling every relative and telling that she is afraid of the surgery.

We have all the 4 directions in our house represented by 4 people. No two can have the same opinion about anything. Sometimes, during a discussion, I completely forget what the discussion was all about. So, I have learnt the art of escaping such discussions, or becoming invisible while the discussions are being held in my presence. But today I was their prey.

"You will have to take the entire responsibility of the house" Mataji bombarded on me. 

"Our maid will help me, I have talked to her" I said. 

"But she takes leaves too" she said. "That's okay, I will manage when she is not there" I replied.

King of the house jumps into the discussion "Our daughter will also come and stay in hospital. But her daughter has board exams next year. I don't know how she's going to manage".

I wondered "Why is he telling me all this? And how can the board exams be affected in 5 days?". So I replied to him "It's okay. You can ask her not to come. All of us can manage."

King replied in authoritative manner "She will come". I thought "Please make me understand what do you want from me???"

Then came my hubby with a loud and rude tone "Just say that you will do"

"When did I refuse?" I said. 

This discussion was going like several bouncers over my head. What was the discussion for - for my responsibility, or maid's responsibility, or my sister-in-law's favor upon me, or her daughter's board exams???

What did they expect me to answer - that I won't let the King be disturbed when he is glued to his chair doing the most important work in the entire world "Shares trading". That I will serve them everything on their beds despite the fact that they are perfectly fine, and just have mind illness that they are old and incapable. That I will take away their plates when they have finished their meals, whether or not my little daughter has eaten or not.

I live in a castle where everyone else are members of a royal family, and I am a maid from outside. I am the one who will do every task, and still be criticized by everyone. I am the one who is not allowed to fall sick because no one will take care of me.

All the daughters-in-law are criticized no matter how much they do. I have started to look at the negative people in a humorous way.

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