Writing is my Super Power
|   Jul 09, 2017
Writing is my Super Power

Pleasing people is a huge drive. Any artist who tells you otherwise is either selfish or delusional . Art is a communication, and it’s not incompatible with your integrity to desire an audience. ”

I read this quote the other day on one of the posts in Humans of New YorkStories

Writing is similar. The rush that it gives me is insane. To be able to write something, that people I don't know, haven't met reads and relate to is a very gratifying feeling. I feel like I am playing a Symphony in the universal Orchestra and I know when the audiences are swooning to my tunes or nodding their head in disappointment. I just know.

I am so grateful to each one of you for making this dormant hobby of mine, a passion that now drives me everyday. I genuinely look forward to communicating my thoughts to you, completely aware that there are few pairs of eyes who are interested in reading the words that gets typed here.

So I bow down to you my audience and thank you for your support and patience and love.

Every one of you who ever read ( liked or not), anything that I wrote on this page is the person I was destined to reach. I am sure our hearts touched in the process, we United as a writer and her reader in those minutes you lay your eyes on my content and assimilated it in your knowledge base of words & emotions.

Sometimes, smallest of sentences said randomly leaves the biggest of impact in your mind. My wish is that my words reach the person who needs it the most at the right time. May they give a smile to someone who is bored out there, may they give a hug & hope to someone who is feeling lost, may they give advice and inspiration who is seeking it.

I write to you my readers with the intention to be read by you. I write to you with the intention of sharing with you a part of me, my feelings and my thoughts with utmost honesty & sincerity.

Do get on my wagon & read more of my writing on www.lovelifelittleone.com

Follow your passion!

Meghna Dixit

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