Your Call
|   Oct 06, 2016
Your Call

"What do you think I should wear tonight? A saree or a dress? I am unable to decide." She was still in front of the mirror, a dark blue saree in one hand and a red nightgown in other. She kept shifting her hands and pretended to try the outfit. She turned and asked again "are you even listening to me? I asked you something." He was too busy finishing his email to even look up and answer. So as his fingers scanned the laptop keys and his eyes did the same with the screen, he said, "the dress I think. It's good!" "what colour is the dress, Shrikant?" she tried to joke with him, pretty sure that he would get it wrong. She even tried to hide the dress behind her back so he won't be able to cheat. "It's red colour with sequin work across the neck and sides." Before she could recover from the shock that he was actually paying attention, he continued "and it's much better than the blue saree you have in the other hand behind your back." Shrikant hinted towards the mirror and started laughing. 

She caught up with the joke and started laughing with him. A few minutes later when they were done being silly she went back to the question "so you think the dress is the best option? You sure?" "Ohh Shruti! Your call!" He had already gone back to his laptop. Shruti was thinking "My Call? Really? Is it ever?" 

She was 10 years old and out shopping with her parents. She loved the pink princess dress that the salesperson was showing. Her mother's eyes were on a simpler green one. "Your call" mother said. "green one!" she replied smiling. Parents happy. Check. 

She was 18 years old making a choice about her next career plan. She really didn't know what was best for her but she knew she didn't want to a degree to get what she wanted. Her choice of a BSc degree was scorned at by one and all."your call" parents said. She changed her decision and chose the medical education instead. Parents and relatives happy. Check. 

She was 25 years old. She had completed her education with flying colours. She wanted to continue working for a few years more before she could settle down. Parents had a guy in mind." your call" said, everyone, she knew. She gave in. Parents, relatives, and well-wishers happy. Check. 

And now here she was at 30, trying to decide on what to wear. If I wear the dress to the family gathering they might think I am too high class now for them. Strangers might think I  deserve to get eve teased. Well-wishers will say I have no sense of culture. Parents might feel I should dress my age. The husband might be happy that I agreed with him. Possible check. 

If I wore the saree, elders would be happy that I am such a cultured woman. Parents would be happy that I am making them proud by dressing so well. Society would treat me like a married woman which I am (nonetheless the dress). The husband might be unhappy at first but seeing his parents happy would relax. 

Entering the function in her bright blue saree she thought "My Call? Really? Is it ever?"

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