What is Mothers Day?
|   May 27, 2015
What is Mothers Day?

We just celebrated Mother’s day and I read about children/adults gifting their moms various things and pampering her on this day. Right from flowers to a day in the Spa/Salon, dinner and shopping etc!


While some others speak about ‘why-mothers-day-just-a-one-day-farce’? I beg to differ here!


Think about a normal day at home, which invariably starts from ‘Mom where is my this and where is my that’ and ends with ‘Mom what is there for dinner and what will be there for breakfast tomorrow/ tiffin tomorrow’?!


Our lives revolve around our mothers (and hers around us!).


But this is the one day that we give our mom’s a ‘so-called’ rest! Either we see around us or we have done it ourselves at some point in our lives; we try to give our mom’s a break for a day from her routine. By either volunteering to do her chores, cleaning, washing or just by giving her a treat!


Imagine doing this daily in a bid to prove that Mother’s day cannot be limited to just a one day affaire!


I can’t imagine my mom taking a break from the kitchen and chores daily!!!!


Ofcourse, moms should be made to feel special daily and not just for one day, because they are a special gift of God to us; however that should come from smallest of gestures and words. Just a simple ‘Thank you’ could make her day special or a compliment can light up her face with a smile!


Appreciation is loved by all, but we tend to forget appreciating all the minute details that mothers take care of for their children and their house.


That would truly be ‘Mother’s Day’ according to me!

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