8 Life enhancing tips for the 'Woman In Me' .
|   Feb 29, 2016
8 Life enhancing tips for the 'Woman In Me' .

The Theme of the International Womens Day this year (in 2016) is to 'Make It Happen'.

Like someone said- The the fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of this world. With Khushbir Kaur on the way to the Asian Walking Championship and the Indian Women Cricket Team winning the ODI,nothing should stop me from celebrating the Woman In Me this year.

I have made my list of things to do this International Womens Day. Maybe you can take some pointers from below:

I will cut down on all my mental negativity. We harbour 'garbage' or negativity from our past subconsciously which does more harm than good.

Keep a laughing Buddha ,indulge in Buddhist chanting , faith healing, meditating or Crystal therapy- whatever drives you to be more accepting and positive towards others.

I will guzzle more glasses of plain water-the elixir of life. I always cheat by substituting plain water with juices and commercial drinks. Since water calms you, prevents headaches and lubricates your joints, I will consciously switch to drinking more plain water and encourage my kids too.

I will Stress-Proof my life and learn to laugh loudly everyday. Indian women are the most stressed out according to a nationwide study. No point getting stressed with the insane traffic, nagging spouse and multiple pending bills.

One can even relax in a self made Home Spa with easily available essential oils, bath crystals and de-stressing scented candles in a tub of water.

I will eat a tomato everyday. I will also eat healthy, wholesome Super-foods like spinach, raw berries, natural fruits and an assortment of greens which are low calorie, a powerhouse of vitamins, full of fibre, antioxidants and anti carcinogenic in nature.

We can make smoothies or eat them raw or minimally cooked. I will ventilate my kitchen and all rooms periodically and not just when guests are over. Keep your kitchen clutter free and give away old newspapers, masalas and old utensils to promote good health and harmony of the inhabitants.

A simple home-diffuser with healing aromatherapy oils in a corner of your living room will make you happier, stimulate your hormones and relax your brain.

I will go after happiness and will not wait for it to come to me .

Learn to avoid friends that are constant cribbers and drain you out.

There are 7 stages of Heaven or Hell in Mythology and Human life gets reincarnated after 50-400 rebirths. So make the most of your human life. Do as much good karma as you can, irrespective of your past circumstances.

I will grow my own terrace or vegetable garden.

I recently went hiking outside my city and it really opened my mind and made me perceive my problems differently.

Learn belly dancing, help in your kid's school project or any new experience that rejuvenates you. 

I will engage more in charity which would automatically lift me up.

It doesnot matter if you tweet, write, volunteer or donate your old clothes, or your kids school books, anything to help an underpriviliged person goes a long way in making you feel good. Your kids also see what you do and develop compassion.

Wishing everyone a rocking International Womens Day 2016 ! To the #WomanInMe

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