Finding my Tailormade Health Genie in a Tetra Pak
|   Jun 24, 2017
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Finding my Tailormade Health Genie in a Tetra Pak

I suffer from the perils of living in a big city where I have my finger in different pies. I am a mother, sister, friend, wife and daughter and am always in the middle of a rushed-woman-syndrome. A lot of my urban friends can relate to me. We are always in a constant mad, never ending rush to do multiple things all at one time. This plays complete havoc with our immunity leading to different health consequences. But not anymore!

Tropicana’s newly launched range of Tropicana Essentials helps me fight the hum drum of my life. The 2 variants namely Iron and Fruit & Veggies are easily available, ultra-convenient and affordably priced. These juices are my family magic genie that has granted me my three earnest wishes - namely good health, total convenience and wholesome nutrition.

I have been slightly anemic my entire life. But Tropicana Essentials offers you a combination of fruits, vegetables, iron, vitamins and minerals in a holistic blend that tackles your urban deficiency. Its 100% juice content with NO added sugar or color, makes me drink it more and more. Per serve has iron content equivalent to 100 gms of spinach (or 15% of RDA) in a tasty avatar. I have the promise of PepsiCo in an aseptic, 7-layer sterile packaging that gives total freshness and safety. The juices help me counter my incomplete nutrition. I can switch from my rushed to a totally relaxed lifestyle, as well as take a glass of nutrient infused juice, along with other supplements, to fight anemia.  

My school going son (like most kids his age), turns up his nose at cooked vegetables in his tiffin. Packing a Tropicana Essentials for him lets me be content in the knowledge that he is getting an expertly blended product. A serving of tasty juice with specific benefits!

Fortification in his juice makes sure that he gets additional Vitamin A (to aid metabolism) and Vitamin C (for better iron absorption). He can savour the goodness of apple, beetroot and carrot in juice form. This fills nutritional gaps and beats his tiredness on the sports field. All with zero compromise on his taste.

Other members of my family eat healthy too, but the average daily fruit and vegetable intake in India happens to hover around 3.5 servings. (The recommended is around 5 servings). Lack of sufficient fruits and vegetables in the daily diet leads to lethargy and fatigue, as well as fluctuating weight and sleep deprivation. My mother-in-law too felt low with mood swings due to less consumption of fruits and vegetables. This has started reversing when I added Tropicana Essentials to my family diet. The juices are preservative free, fortified and safe for younger kids too. I can give it to my 4-year-old as well.

I was fortunate enough to attend the meet organized by Tropicana Essentials and mycity4kids at Hotel Pride Plaza in Aero city. I have always been a fan of Tropicana juices but had umpteen questions about their new offerings under the Essentials range. All my queries were wonderfully answered by the expert panel, which included Dr. Manjari- the nutritionist, Dr. Neeru-the psychologist and Ankita- nutrition expert, PepsiCo amongst others. The meet was an eye-opener and I loved the energetic interaction. I sampled the juices and instantly felt more active in mind and body. These Essentials are unique and welcomed in India where fortified juice products are still uncommon and unheard of.  I felt healthier and wiser by the end of the day.  

I am thankful to Tropicana for bringing the Essentials range to India. Sound nutrition plays a pivotal role in preventing and treating deficiencies that can affect your quality of life. The family structure in India has permanently changed down the years. We are all under constant pressure to perform which leads to a rushed lifestyle with poor nutrition. We now want to focus on getting the most out of our bodies.

Drinking Tropicana Essentials wonder-juices can positively contribute to our overall health. One sip of the power juices and you are a die hard fan forever. Being healthy is the new cool.

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