Healthy Masala Chai. Homemade Immunity Booster.
|   Jul 07, 2016
Healthy Masala Chai. Homemade Immunity Booster.

I have been a diligent green tea drinker for the past few years. Regular tea is only made for guests. Even then, the Indian regular tea I have is very light and has a bit of ginger or cardamom floating in it.

Recently I was stuck with an immunity-related illness. I was told by my doctor to have all immunity boosting items in my kitchen. The more the merrier.

I am sharing a great immunity booster which shares 3 basic whole spices that are present in every Indian kitchen.


  • 1 cup water
  • 2 big green cardamom pods
  • 2 whole cloves
  • A pinch of fennel seeds
  • Milk (according to taste)
  • Sugar (according to taste again)
  • Loose tea or an organic tea bag.

Other spices like cinnamon, ginger and pepper are also added to make different masala chai versions.


  • Crush the cardamom and add it to some boiling water.
  • Add the cloves and fennel seeds to the water. Let it slow boil so that all the goodness is well extracted.
  • Add some loose tea leaves. It depends on how strong or light you want your tea to be.
  • If you are adding a tea bag, be careful not to over boil it. Depending on your brand of tea bag, you might need to add it in the end.
  • Add milk to your liking.
  • Strain the chai well and serve.
  • Add sugar/sweetener to taste.

You can further add some ginger and/or a cinnamon stick. Do this only if you have the Punjabi stomach to digest so many Indian spices.


  • I am a milk baby so I like adding milk. It goes well with powder milk too (if you are travelling and fresh milk is not available).
  • When you are accustomed to the masala chai taste, it can taste healthy and gratifying even without sugar.
  • A lot of people innovate and make this hot chai over crushed ice instead.
  • Sometimes I lessen the quantity but add more spices in the chilly winter months. I bring the tea to a proper boil before straining it. You can add or innovate depending on your taste or mood.

McDonald’s and Starbucks are the known big brands that sell chai based frappes at their various outlets. The popularity of these easy drinks has sparked off a lot of Do-it-yourself home recipe sites. There are YouTube videos that feature these drinks in detail.

Home baristas and innovative housewives have added toppings to masala chai variations. You get the same great taste at a fraction of the price.

Nowadays you can also get big brands marketing masala tea leaves. Hot masala chai can rub shoulders with Iced frappes at food locations. Fancy restaurants serve innovative chai lattes.

The aromatic herbs and spices in Chai vary across regions and households. It is warming, soothing and contributes to your wellbeing.


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