Baby foreskins in Antiaging Creams.
|   Feb 29, 2016
Baby foreskins in Antiaging Creams.

We live in a world where we want to be beautiful at all cost. Anti aging creams do big business by attracting people, mainly women.

I too use anti aging products from all over, but have not really bothered to go over the ingredient list of the things I use, though I use a cream with snail extracts but became aware of foreskins being used recently.

I do not know if fibro blasts are used In India or not, but a friend recently brought up this conversation, which had me researching and thinking.

Stories have always emerged of companies all over the world using bizarre and unheard of things in the rush to market their beauty products and come up with newer creams and products.

Using foreskins of newborn male babies is nothing new and maybe not unethical too.

Some might argue that foreskins are anyways discarded in some communities and of no relevance to most people.

In some cases,the hospitals where babies are born sell or give the foreskins to companies for research or other purposes.

Foreskins of newborn babies are used to harvest fibro blasts that are further sold to cosmetic companies.

Some Anti aging creams use these Fibro blasts to manufacture their exotic and in some cases overpriced antiaging face creams.

A lot of public figures have been on television promoting face products, that might or might not have fibro blasts in them. Even Oprah Winfrey(whom I admire a lot)promoted a cream(though I do not know if it had fibro blasts or not) and its effectiveness.

Some might argue that it is plain vanity to use foreskins( amongst other things) to manufacture anti aging creams that you use on your face, because you are scared of growing old.

As it is, the newborn in not capable of giving his consent in such a case.

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