Google Baba
|   Apr 27, 2017
Google Baba

What is the problem with people nowadays? They come up to you with medical complaint and you tell them nothing is wrong they will look at you with dismay and take you as a bad doctor , declare you to be worthless and god help , you tell them they have some serious ailment they will immediately declare you are running a money laundering scam!!! So next time we come up with a clinical judgement we have to decipher the psychology of the patient and then draw the conclusion rather than relying on our clinical acumen.

Well then we have Google baba to make work easier. A few days back a young man came with the following complain : "I was trying to pass stool it was hard in the beginning and the hard part stuck somewhere inside , the soft part came out. Then I googled, diagnosed myself with impacted stool and applied a enema on myself." I was dumbstruck , I felt irritated and annoyed and disgusted but somehow held on to my calm and asked him " Are you from the medical line , how do you know to apply enema" Came the reply which left me nerve wrecked and short tempered as I am I was at my wits end and only the recital of Swami Vivekanands speeches of Power over Mind could control the outburst of my emotions.He told me " Meine na youtube dekh k enema laga liya , ab mujhe bohot dard ho raha hai"! and gave a moronic smile. Oh my God are you kidding me! Google diagnosed you and youtube treated you and we doctors are a bunch of idiots. The smile was the last straw , I could not take it any more.Ready to batter him with words when I looked up at him and he was in pain. The poor man's face was writhing in pain. I felt for him even though he was a moron he was still a patient who had come to me in distress so i examined him clinically , took a proper and careful history , ordered some analgesics and asked him to review with a surgeon in case pain persists. Next time before publicly flogging a doctor just take a moment and think what we go through in dealing

with patients.

We are humans too and there is a limit to our endurance.

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