Health is Wealth
|   Apr 27, 2017
Health is Wealth

Summers are here . I love summers because it brings with it " king of fruits" , the royal mango, watermelons, litchis, jackfruits. But unfortunately it brings along a large number of diseases.

On the hot sultry summer noons I keep on thinking about the time when I was a little girl. The ice-popsicle seller, the panipuri wala they have a special place in my imaginations. The constant forbidding by elders which resulted in my temper tantrums and finally enjoying the "food of the Gods" which would ultimately end in calling out to the lords to show mercy as I writhed in tummy ache. When it comes to the savoury street foods very few of us can withhold the temptation. And we have all faced the consequence of such indulgence.

Stomach flu or diarhoea , vomiting , tummy ache affects both adults and children alike. But they are not the only diseases we can contract by consuming unhygenic food. Summers are the worst. As the saying goes Prevention is better than cure

But to prevent the disease we first need to know what causes the disease , how it spreads and only in that way we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.Below is a detailed account of what we need to know about the stomach bugs and how healthy practise are helpful for a healthy life.

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