A big NO to TV and video games this summer vacation!!!!!
|   May 27, 2017
A big NO to TV and video games this summer vacation!!!!!

"Dhairya! Ever since your summer break has started you are glued to TV and your play station.Why don't you go out and play for a while???" demanded Sneha."How many times do I need to tell you to limit the use of these gadgets.These are not good for your eyes.Go out and play.Have some physical activity.You'll become all the more lazy this way". She continued.

But for seven year old Dhairya all his mom's advice was falling on deaf ears.He did not budge.Its been a week since his summer break has started and all he'd do is sit in front of television or engross in his play station most of the day.No outside play,no homework, nothing at all.Sneha is also tired of scolding him now.


This is the most common problem every mother deals with every now and then.Our kids have so much absorbed in this virtual world that they forget the reality.Play-stations,Doraemon,Chhota bheem has become their reality now.So what to do???? I am here sharing some tips that might help in keeping these kids away from TV and video games:

  • Don't use TV as baby sitter:It often happens that most of the parents use television or play stations as baby sitters to get some time off.But that's not at all right!!! This is making your kids addicted towards these gadgets and a time will come when they refuse to give up on their favourite games or cartoons.So its really important to set a time table for them and limit their time towards these gadgets.
  • Engage with them: The main reason behind kids confining themselves to room with PSPs in their hands is that we as parents are somehow failing to devote ample time to our kids.So parents see to it that you are actively involving in day to day activities with your kids.Chat with them ,play with them.Engage in fun activities with them.
  • Say bye bye to your smartphones for a while: Its a common scenario now a days that parents are separately busy with their smartphones chatting and facebooking and often chase their kids away.They do it unintentionally.But this often leads to child making his own captive world of gadgets.So parents let your smartphone rest for a while and spend time with your kids.Show them that they are more important than a smartphone.


  • Take your kids outside: Its really important to take some time off and go for a walk or outside play with your kids.Make it an evening routine to go the park or garden with your kids. Encourage them to play outdoor games.

  • Identify your kids' hobby: You never know there might be a painter or a rock star or a writer or a chef hidden in your kid.Parents bring out the hidden talent in your kids.Paint a landscape with them,bake a cake with them.Encourage them with their hobbies.The more you magnetise your kids towards their amateur interest the more they will be drifted away from these not so useful gadgets.

(Parents what you think can be done to pull our kids away from this electronic world????Feel free to share your views in comments section)

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