TECHNOLOGY:Given Something or Taken Everything!!!!
|   Jul 21, 2017
TECHNOLOGY:Given Something or Taken Everything!!!!

A recent whats app message has impelled me to write this blog.

The message stated: A family visited to grandmother's home but everybody is with busy with his or her phone while grandmother is sitting watching them and eagerly waiting for them to leave their phones and start a conversation with her.

Though its a forwarded message but the sight is very much true.May be we don't know but in no time technology has taken a hold on almost all of us.Our world has started revolving around smartphones, laptops and internet of course.I still remember the time when my dad bought me and my brother a computer.We both were so very ecstatic. Playing games on it ,learning its new features was all we both were excited for but still there was a time which was spared for playing games outside and be with our friends.That was the time when we as kids used to wake up with the melodious bhajans playing in the morning and now there's a beep of whats app message or an fb notification that wake us up most of the time.Though physically we are present with our friends and family but mentally we are in some different world.A world technology has given.A world full of many new and exciting gadgets like PSPs ,play stations and Xboxes to name a few.Kids now a days after coming back from school get glued to these virtual friends instead of playing outside.Not only kids even parents also are always stuck to their laptops and smartphones.

A recent video went viral on the internet showing a kids desire to become a smartphone to seek his parent's attention and love.This has brought me to tears.I couldn't imagine the plight of that kid who so very innocently expressed his longing to get some attention and importance from his parents which otherwise is his birthright.

Folks!!! this indeed is an alarming situation.There is a desperate need to keep a check on the use of these technology driven gadgets else soon it will turn us into emotionless zombies who will left with no emotional and social connectivity from outside actually real world.And not only this overuse of these gadgets will have impact on health too.With no physical activity obesity and many other health problems will turn up.

(PS: How do you feel technology has affected our lives?????Feel free to write in comment section below.)

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