The Man in the Queue:Kindness Always Pay
|   May 03, 2017
The Man in the Queue:Kindness Always Pay

Little Riya couldn't be more happier today.After all its her fifth birthday.After the sudden and sad demise of her parents in a car accident an year ago,this was the first time her poor grandparents had notice this beautiful smile on her face."Granny and Grandpa, its my fifth b'day,I am a grown up now and to celebrate this day I want the best cake in the world" said the little girl euphorically.

So to fulfill her princess' wish,granny took her to the bakery shop.Riya,all the more excited,started choosing cakes and decided on the b'ful red velvet cake."Granny,I want this one.This is so colorful and beautiful" said she elatedly.

But her granny, much to her affliction couldn't afford that much costly cake at the present moment.So she tried to make the little girl understand and promised her to buy the cake when she has money.To this,Riya happily agreed and settled on simple chocolate cake."Granny,you know chocolate has always been my favorite" said the five year old mature girl to make her granny happy.

But oblivious to them,a young man was watching all this far from behind.When Riya and her granny were about to leave the store he approached them and offered Riya the same red velvet cake.But as expected they both refused.This was when the young man narrated his story:

It was my seventh b'day.I with my mom came to a bakery shop.There I liked the black forest cake very much but my mom couldn't afford the cake at that time.So one kind man came forward and bought me a cake.I had never got a chance to say thanks to him.I did not have clue about that kind man and thus was never able to find him.But he will always remain close to my heart.

He continued further "by offering you this cake,I'll be paying gratitude to that kind man."

Listening to his story,the duo accepted the cake but on a condition, granny asked for his contact details so that she can return the money.The man thus wrote something on a piece of paper and left(may be to be never found again).

Riya,with twinkle in her eyes narrated the whole incident to her grandpa and handed him the same piece of paper which the young man had given.The note read:

"No money is charged for an act of kindness"

Tears of bewilderment and happiness rolled down grandpa's eyes as he recalled the incident some twenty years ago where he had handed the same kind of  note to an innocent seven year old kid and his mother.

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