When overconfidence goes wrong!!!!! A hilarious one 😆
|   Apr 30, 2017
When overconfidence goes wrong!!!!! A hilarious one 😆

Beautifully dressed in a wedding trousseau ,she was warmly welcomed in her new home. She was a bit nervous as in a short period of four months courtship she barely got to know her would be life partner and now she was amidst all the strangers in the name of in-laws.

But as days passed by everything seemed well. Her new family was caring and sensitive towards her.But there's one thing that she always craved for i.e a word of praise from her new family. Though her in-laws never criticized her but they hadn't praised her as well.So she waited and waited!!!!! One fine day she got a chance. It was a beautiful evening as it's raining heavily after a week of scorching heat.So her in-laws asked for some hot tea and crispy pakoras to celebrate the rain. Happily she entered the kitchen. (This was the first time she got a chance to cook as there were servants most of the time).She was quite confident as she had cooked in her parents' home also and was quite sure of her cooking skills. This time she was determined to be praised by her in-laws.

With a sense of pride and hope she walked to her in-laws who were sitting in the balcony and enjoying the rain and presented a tray of tea and pakoras.

But to her surprise her in-laws exchanged glances and did not utter even a single word.She sensed something wrong.Quitely she entered the kitchen and took a sip of tea and was horrified to discover salt instead of sugar. Again she tasted one of the pakoras which were not pleasant as well.She had put sugar instead of salt.

She had felt immense sense of embarrassment.But one thing she is really thankful for . Despite her such a mistake her in-laws did not say a word to her. May be she will not gain a name as a good cook but she is now sure of one thing that she has got best in-laws in this world.

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