Mummy darling... Papa darling...I love you - I love you
|   Dec 26, 2016
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Mummy darling... Papa darling...I love you - I love you


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My little boy came home from play group singing this heart melting poem...

Mummy darling... Papa darling...

I love you - I love you

See the baby smiling

Just for you... Just for you...

That was the first time I heard this poem (I am a 1st time mom) and I was almost in tears that he didn't know what his words meant to me. Then suddenly it clicked to me, he mentions his daddy everywhere let it be a poem or any other talks and somehow his daddy was a centre of his attention as he so wanted to be like him. I called up his dad and made him listen those magical words and he was on cloud 9 that very moment. So now he also makes sure to be around our boy as much as possible. Believe me we have seen so much development in him since these 2 weeks. When it needs both parents to make a baby, then definitely those babies need both the parents to raise them correctly and to the best.

My boy no more cries at diaper change because his daddy darling makes it so much fun for him, he is far more confident and responsive now. I put my best in him but still that daddy factor can only be added by my husband.

Modern fathers seemingly have no qualms these days about holding the baby. There are so many role-model dads such as David Beckham, Jamie Oliver, Will Smith and Johnny Depp carrying their babies or spending family time. Studies reveal that spending time with the babies acts as stress reliever for them and a developmental tool for the kiddos.

A psychology professor from California states “Fathers play a hugely important role in the mental health of their children much later in life, They have a unique style of interacting with their children and men who report having had a good relationship with their father during childhood were found to be better at dealing with stress."

I believe it’s that masculine and feminine nature difference that Men are more "rough and tumble" with their toddlers and children, and encourage more risk-taking behavior. It’s that different vocabulary as well that dads use; I believe that helps kids to broaden their view points.

Babies who have benefited from paternal interactions from an early age are more academically successful, stay in school longer, use drugs and alcohol less frequently and are less likely to get involved with crime. They may also be better equipped socially and psychologically than infants who receive very little attention from their fathers."

Just while I was surfing the internet, reading about baby care, I came across this video by Pampers which further strengthens my beliefs

The video talks about #ItTakes2 and exactly establishes the importance of the involvement of mothers as well as the fathers for the wholesome development of a happy healthy baby. I also believe that the moments spent by both parents with the child- Together, is what happiness and memories are made of!

Indeed a commendable part played by #Pampers for promoting this amazing idea and spreading the awareness about such a sensitive but less looked upon topic.

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