When 'me - myself' takes a backseat
|   Nov 21, 2016
When 'me - myself' takes a backseat

Suvarna hurriedly packed the lunch boxes, one for herself and one for her husband. By this time, one of her kids was already off to the school and the other one was getting ready for the school, meanwhile she was winding up the kitchen because she had to get ready for her Boutique. She was very enthusiastic and excited to meet her clients, to grab the new opportunities for designing the trendy collection and set targets for herself, after all her work was her passion. In spite of extremely busy and hectic routine, she managed to be energetic, she managed to be positive, she managed to be happy and top of everything she was satisfied with herself. This was the scenario few years back when she was working. 

Now, waving to her kids from the balcony who were starting for the school, she sighed silently. Her husband already left for the office and the kitchen was also at the winding up stage. Now came a burning question to her mind ' what's next for me'? Since her childhood days, she has been always an ambitious girl and dreamed off for her shining career but after few years of having two kids, she chose to have a break and utilize her quality time with her kids. At the moment, she is a full time stay at home mom by her choice but kids are independent now and busy in their own chores of life, she feels lost when she has ample of time and really don't know how to utilize her time for her own progress. Till now, she has been always tremendously busy with her job, career, balancing her work life with family life, home and kids. kids are grown up fast with the time and now the time has come to really think for her own progress, joy and success. Of course kids are first priority but then her own development is also equally important. This situation sounds familiar to majority of working women who choose to have a break from their career for one or another reason and with the decision of having a break 'me - myself' automatically takes a backseat, isn't it true? But hey moms, chill, that's good enough to have a relax routine, save energy for your kids, spend some quality time with them and doing absolutely nothing (at the career front) but actually creating beautiful memories for life time which you would always cherish. 

No regrets, no hard feelings as long as you enjoy being stay at home mom and enjoy your routine with your kids. but slowly slowly their inclination also changes from 'mom' to 'friends'. The question 'what will we play today mom?' shifts to 'may I go to play with my friends?', and then comes the sudden realization that what about me and my progress, as the kids are happy with their own world , they are all ready to explore the outer world, they don't need me and my assistance all the time. Ample of such thoughts get flooded in the mind and it provides a little nervousness obviously and that's so natural, don't worry ladies, just hold on, don't be negative, one more time just chill.....

This stage is very natural for all the moms, specially working moms who opted to take a break for their kids. keep enjoying the break while searching options to get yourself busy and occupied. just be a couch potato having a book in one hand and a coffee mug in another. start developing your hobbies which you couldn't do because of your busy schedule. First of all, don't curse yourself for taking a break because you created wonderful memories to look back and it was your choice and not a compulsion. Keep your guilt aside that you are not a working lady and don't forget to set a routine for yourself too. By setting up a routine for yourself, you would be able to put again 'me-myself' on a priority list and last but not the least, start your passion / job / career / hobby as soon as you feel 'let me get back to my work' because that's the key for your happiness.

The women (be it working or non working) for whom their work is their passion can never be happy, relaxed and satisfied with their cool routine. They want hard work, they want challenges, they want goals and targets, in short, they want to be busy and occupied to achieve their goals to remain happy and satisfied. Energy comes from getting tired actually. 

So moms, get up and get ready for the new innings. Don't hesitate to take up new challenges and face the hurdles because once upon a time they wete your companions to excel in your area of interests.

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