When possessiveness supersede Love
|   Aug 22, 2016
When possessiveness supersede Love

      It was almost tenth time Ria was calling to Vinay, but no reply. First she got irritated but then she was worried. Finally she called sujit.

     "Hey sujit, is Vinay there?"

      "Hi Ria, yes he is here at my place"

       "Thank God, I was worried, please give him phone."

After 2 minutes of silence, " Ria, Vinay is not in mood to talk now, he will call you after sometime"

"Ok bye." And Ria hang the call.She made tea for herself and sat near favorite window looking at clear sky. She went into past and thought what happened to us ..rather to me. A cup of tea helped her to be calm and think.

       Ria and Vinay were friends since college days. She was very bubbly but strong and independent girl. Her thoughts were as clear as sky and her beliefs were strong. Her philosophy was if you can dream it you can do it. She is the one everyone believed as good friend and guide. Everyone will come and talk to her as they know that she will reveal positive side of any problem. Vinay loved her attitude, her individuality. More and more he talk to her, more he fell into love with her.

      Days passed by and both settled in their job. Ria's parents started searching for good match for her. Ria loved Vinay but never spoke to him about her feelings. Finally when she broke the news to Vinay, he got sleepless night and then he decided to call her.

   "Hey Ria, I want to be with you forever "

After long silence Ria replied " me too".

Now the friendship turned into eternal love... Months passed by and Ria was getting more and more involved in Vinay, and in everything about Vinay. Her world revolved around him from dawn to dusk. She merged her world into his and somewhere she lost herself. She lost her dreams. That strong independent Ria was missing. 

   Sometimes even Vinay wondered what happened to her, where is that Ria missing. Ria didn't realised that her possessiveness for vinay is taking place of their love. He tried to hint her but he never wanted to hurt her. Because he loved her.. He really loved her.

   But that day even Vinay's patience crossed limit. He talked about a job opportunity in another city. Ria said "OK, that means you are searching job in another city and you haven't even told."

"Ria, I am just exploring, it doesn't mean that I have taken that job".

"No Vinay, if you are shifting I will also leave job and shift with you."

" Ria, you are thinking far ahead. And I didn't liked the idea of leaving you job. You are on peak of your carrier and what about your dreams. I have known that Ria for years who was independent and who believed in her dreams. What happened to you. I love you but that doesn't mean for our love you should spoil your carrier "

"Vinay, it's not about you or me now. It's about WE. "

"Sorry Ria, but somehow you are mixing love and possession. Love is not about  being with each other, but it's about respecting each other space too. And that space is missing in us."

Vinay slammed door behind him and went away.

After that she called him but he didn't replied. 

When she heard from sujit that Vinay don't want to talk, she felt that pain in her heart. It opened her mind, she thought to herself about them..about her.

She realized somewhere she lost her individuality. And he was the one who was trying to safeguard her individuality. Vinay always gave her that space which she needed.

Phone rang and it was Vinay.

"Hey Ria, sorry I was having headache."

"Hey stupid, stop giving reasons, now please come over, I realized what was missing and thank you my best friend for making me realize it."

Vinay was smiling, finally he got her Ria back...a bubbly and independent girl. 

Hey girls, this happens with many of us that we loose our identity in name of love. Please don't let it happen to you. Respect yourself. Because every girl don't have person like Vinay in their life.

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