Ek Panth Do Kaaj
|   May 05, 2017
Ek Panth Do Kaaj

Being parents means a lot of responsibility. The idea of raising a life, sometimes just gives me goose bumps. My dream is not making my son Saahir a Doctor, engineer, Teacher but I always want him to be a good human being.  I believe raising a good human being means becoming a good human being myself first. In short revolutionizing our own self. Which means to be calm and patient in any adverse situation. Our children come to know our anxiety and fear very easily because we are connected by heart with each other. In my case the adverse situations are:

When I expect him to be quiet, that’s the time he will create ruckus at home.

I expect him to eat everything, he only prefers to eat grinding food/ pureed food.

I expect him to sleep early at night, he will be the last one to go to bed.

That’s the time which makes me think hard to myself, Am I doing something wrong? Do all working moms face the same problem?

My child is 2years 5 months old and still prefers pureed food. He does not like any bread because chewing is an effort for him. He is still on breastfeed (Only during night, when I am home). He does not have any sleeping time, he is king of his own choices.

Pre-school was a paradigm change for him. He was not able to understand why is he there? Why is he away from his own people? School provides him food which he does not like to eat.

I got to know from his teacher that he doesn’t eat at all.

Being a mother it became a point of worry for me, that for how long will he be on pureed food? Initially, when I had gone to his school, I saw every child except him eating everything.

Strategizing in my own way, day in day out I started thinking how can I correct his diet? Making him eat chapatti was like good 2-3 hours job. The icing on the cake was when I got the meal plan from school, not even a single thing was there which he is likes or eats.

That was the time when I took determination with myself. I made myself understand if not NOW then NEVER.

  • At least 1 meal in a day he will have himself.
  • I fed him the same thing at home, which school provides him. Which makes him familiar with the meal.
  • Stopped running after him/ force feeding him.
  • Started believing his and my instincts. If he is hungry he will ask me or his grandparents for food.
  • Stopped cooking any separate food for him. He has to eat whatever is there on the table.

By taking these baby steps daily, finally, he got a little bit adjusted. Now the big thing for me was to stop giving him my feed. I knew it from within that it’s my decision completely. And now my mind was ready for it. Our Moms always have some ‘DESI NUSKHA’ with them for everything. My mom-in-law suggested me to apply aloe-vera. I did same and the trick worked. The foreign smell and sour taste pushed my lovely away from his lovely.

Slow and steady wins the race. I will not say we have won the race but we have begun it and I know we will finish it too.

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