Look Beautiful Campaign
|   May 12, 2017
Look Beautiful Campaign

Today when I woke up, I woke up with completely different mood. A happy me, not very tired, not feeling sleep deprived. Probably after a long time I had a good night’s sleep. It was 6.30 am and both of them were in deep sleep (my Husband and Son). I hand combed my hair and went to freshen myself up. I took a halt mid-way in front of dressing table. I could not hold myself and went very close to mirror to admire myself. I realized that after so many months I am checking myself out in front of the mirror.

I was so happy to see myself, a very beautiful me! A very youthful me! Oh! I look same as I used to look 10 years back. Except those fine lines on my forehead, near my eyes, freckled skin, bulging tummy! Henceforth I moved ahead towards the washroom. Inside washroom, I started thinking with myself, if I would have taken care of myself also like I take care of other things. The thought of ‘TAKING CARE OF MYSELF’ was with me for the entire day. How, what, where, when all these types of questions were haunting me. Everything was same but I was not same, I was again and again getting attracted towards the mirror. My wardrobe has changed, my essentials skin products have changed, the bun has replaced my hairstyle.

Day ended like that. I could not sleep for the entire night. I was thinking how I used to take care of myself:

Gallons of water I used to drink, an exercise in gym, yoga etc., Fortnightly visits to the parlor, just to pamper myself.

We all pass through many phases of life – Daughter, Then the wife, then daughter-in-law, then mother. Simultaneously we get so busy in all these things that we somehow forget ourselves completely. Our looks, our appearance everything takes a backstage. I was thinking the same today. How come I forgot myself my looks? There is still a girl inside me who has not died, who I WILL NEVER LET DIE? I am young. I am beautiful. I will never disrespect myself like this. Slow and steady wins the race. And I will win this race too. I will take out time for myself. Hence the Look Beautiful Campaign started in my life. Lifestyle changes which were very mandatory to follow:

Hydrate Myself: I started drinking a lot of water. Water helps our skin to glow. It helps to detoxify our body.

Walk, Walk, Walk: Waking up late was big no now. Getting up early and heading up for a walk - a good half an hour brisk walk! This will help to tone my legs and of course, will help the tummy bulge to go in.

Dietary Changes: No excess oil, Avoid sugar. Increased salads and fruits in my diet!

This Look Beautiful Campaign gave good results. After a month today again I am in front of a mirror I am confident today. I am comfortable in my skin today. It’s a different feel today. I can do anything which I used to do 10 years back, I can pick up my swimsuit and go for swimming, and I can pick up my old badminton racket and can give tough competition to anyone in front. I decided to go for shopping with my bundle of joy today and of course with hubby dear to spend on me.

We went to a mall nearby and started having a gala time over there. The kid was in his own fun zone. I grabbed my favorite coffee and of course new apparels to wear. Day ended with all this fun. When we were returning I saw a Lotus Herbal canopy inside the mall. I realized I am running out of my BB cream. I went there and started trying the same. I could not keep my eyes away from their new range of anti-ageing cream Lotus herbal – YouthRx. My mind and my heart had an argument with each other. My heart said that ‘you are not so old to use these products’ my mind replied ‘anti-ageing is not for old people, it’s for the people like me only’. I gave a stop to this argument and picked up the product in my hand and started reading about it.  This is not the first time I am using Lotus products since from a very long time I used its sunscreen, face packs etc. and above all its herbal. On the top of everything I know, I am not old but the age is increasing, right? We all have a time crunch, due to which we do not take care of ourselves. We all have to feel young, to feel young we have to stay young also, that’s how we will be happy from inside.

The girl standing at the canopy saw my inquisitiveness towards the product. She explained me the advantages of the product and how this product is different from other anti-ageing products in the market. I have a very sensitive skin; I can’t even try the product just like that. But since it’s dermatologically tested on Indian skin it took no time to become in friend with my skin. Finally, I bought the product and was excited like a kid. Finally, the time came when I had to use this product. I washed my face clean. I first picked up the Youth Rx serum and post that applied the night cream. Next morning when I woke up I could feel my skin hydrated and dewy fresh. Since that day it has become a part of my ‘Look Beautiful campaign’.


It’s been 3 months now and my campaign is still going on. I have learned that whatever small step we take away from our regular monotonous routine it helps us to become happy from inside. I have promised myself that I will not take myself for granted now. Today again in front of the mirror I discovered a new me - A confident mommy and simultaneously a sexy mommy!

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