Laya - The dilemma's girl
|   Jan 31, 2017
Laya - The dilemma's girl

Layanika was a bright and active student in school. Her life was perfect with a happy family, bunch of friends and good school. She was a well pampered child at home, until her schoolings all that she knew was her classroom and home that's it, even her college and stream was chosen by her parents. Inspite of her good marks she was not allowed to join a renowned college as it has a co-education. Till the end of her final year in college she hasn't done anything on her own, even she was afraid of a short travel in bus. The first thing she did all by herself was acquiring a job during her final year of graduation. Yes. She registered for the interview without asking permission from parents, travelled to the nearby college alone, prepared a CV on her own, attended interview and secured a job. Hurray!!!... First independent day of her life was that. She was super excited. The happiness started fading slowly, as the debate began in her home whether to send a girl child to earn money to another city. Though she was anxious about this turning point in her life, she already had determined to come out of the pampered circle and experience, learn and live her life independently. Even the few people from whom she expected a YES also declared a NO.

One lazy morning when she was trying to enjoy that last '5 mins' nap, she heard some voice supporting her. It was her dad who was telling to her mom that, 'Let Laya go for the job. This was her effort and so let her leap the fruit'. That single 'YES' from him make all the 'NO' mouths to shut. Laya woke up with happy tears.

Everything was set and she moved to a new city. She missed her family like hell. There was another person who consoled her daily.

His name is Chandru. Only with respect to the story he is entering now but he has always been with Laya right from her childhood. To be precise he was the one and only friend from the opposite gender till her age of 20. He was a very good friend for her. They used to chat in either of their home's upstairs for hours during their school and college days. When all that Laya had in her heart for Chandru is friendship, the case was not same with Chandru. After schooling somewhere down the lane, his feelings towards Laya changed and love blossomed. All the years during her college period, he tried hard to express it to her but in vain.

Either Laya was so dumb or so studious, she never understood his love. With all his guts he proposed her through a friend during final year of college. It brought tremors within her. She thought he betrayed her friendship. One final day she declared if you promise me to forget all the nonsense then let's be friends again. And then he never spoke to her about his love but didn't forget it too.

He heard her stories about job, friends and all crazy things. Years moved on, life changed. She started working in the same city where he worked. His love on her didn't change and her friendship towards him didn't change. Meanwhile lot of things happened between them, they spoke, laughed, cracked stupid jokes, ate, travelled, fought, cried and so on. After 4 long years she realized her true feeling for him and accepted his love.

Then the biggest challenge was to put it to their parents and make them agree. No one, even she herself was ever able to imagine in their worst nightmare that Laya could stand strong against her parents. Addition to that 4 years it took 7+ years and a lot of pain, patience and perseverance to move it from love to marriage.

 It also cost her to quit her career in those 7 years. The persons or the facts for which she quit her job, made her think whether the decision was truly worth for them or that. Whenever she thought of getting a new job there was some question from inside her or outside which stopped her to do it.

Recently Layanika and Chandru got married and started a happy life together. She is no more pampered now and also has the independence she wished for. But she is financially dependent on her partner now.

She is very much willing to start her career and Chandru wishes it even more. She has aspirations and desires at the same time personal commitment and family responsibilities. In course of time she has become a pal of her own dilemmas, as they started to wander in her thoughts day and night.

Although she is engaged the whole day with household and personal works, at the end of the day she doesn't have a satisfaction. 

 All that she is able to do at the present moment is to sip a cup of hot tea to compose herself and to continue writing about her to post it as a blog in mycity4kids.

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