A new year..new tides..new horizons
|   Jan 30, 2016
A new year..new tides..new horizons

It’s new year already isn’t it? It’s already a month old. Our new baby is growing up fast. The demands are growing so are the needs, already keeping me on my toes. Resolutions, planning, promises to be a better parent, festivals all lined up in their glory, sports events and annual days waving at me from the line of to-do-chores. Phew! Yes it is a demanding life.

I am sure like me, all others have planned and plotted as to how they want to spend their new year. They have scribbled and made reminders of how flawlessly we can welcome this year. Learnt from the mistakes of the past and taken vows not to repeat them. The burning desire to get things right. To hit the bull’s eye. Score a few brownies. The celebrations are over. The party is on….the challenge is how to keep it alive. The Party of Life-cheering to success and wins.

I am bad at resolutions. I have broken them every year. But the optimist in me does not want to give up easily. I make them again. To top the list is my addiction with my cell phone. I spend a lot of time glaring at the screen, sometimes waiting for messages, sometimes assuming there might be so much going on, on social network sites. And this makes me impatient. Impatient to answer teeny weeny but honest questions my kids ask. It makes me snap at them. And then I end up feeling horrible and say sorry, but sometimes the damage is already done. I realise after staring at the screen for so long, how much time has flown away. How much work has piled up. So, this is one major resolution I intend not to break. For me and for my family.

I have promised my kids that I will be more patient. Wait for that wave of anger to pass through before I open my mouth. Try to breathe and relax. As a child, I always heard my grandma say, ‘Once the mirror is broken, you can try and put it back…but the scars show’. And I know that words once spoken cannot be taken back. And I promise to hold them back. Words sting. I know.

I promise not to push my kids for pursuing my dream. It might have been a dance class, a music class, abacus, and sports…something that I could not finish…and now I hope they fulfil my dream…through them. Just not fair. I will talk less and listen more. It is so important to listen. To earn their trust,their confidence. To let them know that we can all be silly at times. That life for sure is a roller coaster ride and it is fun. To feel the wind in your hair and feel your skin tingle with all that excitement.

To let them know that I as a kid have never been perfect. I have made my share of mistakes, but yes have learnt from them. Have grown as a person. I have made a promise to bond better with my kids. If they cannot confide in me, trust in me, how can I call myself a parent…a friend?

I promise myself to cultivate better habits for me and my family. Learn and teach the importance of money, savings, charity, bringing a smile on somebody’s face, lend a helping hand, give back to society, importance of being fit and healthy and most important to have that smile on our face.

Ugadi is beginning of a new year for us Hindus. I promise myself to start afresh and bring new happiness and calmness in our lives. A promise as green as the mango leaves we tie on the threshold. A promise to use sweet words, as sweet as the kheer amma used to make. A promise to shine and be an example, a motivation for my kids. A moment for them to be proud of their amma.

A promise to give a ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ to my kids and myself! To celebrate the bond of parent and child. To celebrate love and life. To let them enjoy the carefree childhood they deserve. Teaching them to be careful at the same time. Free of inhibitions. The glimmer in their eyes and the innocence in their questions. A promise to satisfy their curiosity. A promise to make their childhood memorable so that later when they look back, the smile stays on. 

I should and I know I will. It is never late to start. As they say, ‘A journey well begun is half done’. New year…here we come.

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