Come ma..let me tell you a story!
|   Jul 25, 2016
Come ma..let me tell you a story!

Kids are a bundle. A pleasant bundle. A sudden burst of energy, creativity, undying love and innocence. And very very surprising. They do things that make you sit back and ask a zillion questions. Why, when, how……did they grow up so fast. They indeed make you wonder at the tiny marvel that they are and the amazing happiness they bring in our lives.

My kids love stories. Like all other kids. My son is grown up now. He reads books. He has always been a book lover. You would always find a book tucked under his pillow every morning. But at times, he likes to listen to the silly and cute stories I tell my five year old. I am sure he smirks under the pillow under that mask of seriousness.

My five year old loves imaginary stories. Unicorns, fairies, poppy fields, puppies, Charlie and Lola (her absolute favourite cartoon about siblings), girls with floral frocks, candy world, Rapunzel’s hair and Barbie! It’s a tough task bringing all together. Especially when she wants a story of how Barbie convinced Rapunzel to keep her hair short, because Lola was scared of the knots in her hair. Well…I know….

One day the tables were to turn. I was to become the child. And she a story teller. Which she loves to the core. She is labelled as the Grandma of her class, because she has many stories to tell her friends. So this came naturally to her.

So we set the stage. The Colgate pack came with fascinating Sea creatures. Kids can cut out the characters, play with them, spin a story around them and learn about the various sea creatures. Play while you learn is the mantra here. Improvising on imagination, vocabulary, speech and creativity. There is a pirate, a crab, a shark, a mermaid…and many more. The pictures carry trivia about the creatures which adds to their knowledge as well.

I had such a lovely day listening to my daughter weave stories around these sea creatures. It was such quality time spent together, looking at her tiny hands fabricate the story, her wide eyes expressing the drama behind her story and her little pony tails wiggle and jiggle at the ounces of excitement, she had that day. I fell in love with her…all over again. Looked around to find my son sitting next to me, beaming at her little sister…and her dad feeling very very proud of this story teller in our lives.

I must thank Colgate for this opportunity. The way it helped a child unleash her imagination. Transformed her into a story teller. Gave me an opportunity to learn from her.

Shilpa Kulkarni

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