Daddy's daughter
|   Jun 17, 2017
Daddy's daughter

Twiddling my toes and wrinkling my nose at an announcement for delayed flight, I decided to hover around the airport. Read a book. Looked at faces and expressions around. Glanced at my watch for a 100th time. Tried to sleep. My spine pleaded to sit straight. Drank my 4th cup of coffee and feeling like a zombie went back to my seat. 

Decided to take a short nap when a loud voice woke me up. It was a female voice ranting and scolding someone. Something had happened and he shouldn't have said what he had. She was threatening to stick tape over his mouth the next time she took him out. 'Do you even realise what you have said and done!', she scolded...while he slid deeper in his seat with a coy look on his face. She went on and on..and he decided to say something but dropped it. I swear I saw an impish smile on his face. 

Suddenly she went silent. She couldn't do it anymore I guess. She glanced at her watch and chided him for letting it go 10 mins past 7. Like a very curious kid, I decided to eaves drop to what had to be done at 10 past 7. 

Still muttering under her breath, she opened her bag and took out a bottle of medicines from her bag and plonked two tablets in his hand. Gave him a bottle of water. You don't seem to remember your tablets but you know what all to say, she seemed to say. Then she put a shawl around him and asked him if he was ok.

He nodded like a child and went back to sleep. She stroked his pepper grey hair and went around looking for something to eat.

I sat there..witnessing the most beautiful relationship on Father's Day. The girl a daughter....sometimes his mother...the father...a naughty child..reliving his childhood....


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