Grow up please!
|   Jul 31, 2015
Grow up please!

'I have to go on this trek ma! All my friends are going and I will be careful' said my 11 year old in exasperation. Was that asking for permission or a declarative statement? Sounded like the latter. I looked at my hubby who has this lovely defense of burying himself under piles of newspapers, with a tiny frown between his brow that spelt, 'Do not Disturb'. Well, that frown is definitely hereditary, I tell you. 

Well, Ok I said. Go if you want to, but be careful and have fun. Well, as an adult I know...this is a difficult combination of putting things together. But I was not going to open up all my secrets before my son. How I bunked classes, how I whistled loudly in class by mistake and never owned up, how I stuck glue on...err...well, never mind...this is not about me (Phew!). Coming back to the combination, I was so sure that my son had heard only the 'Have fun' part....cause his beaming face and that little jig he did...said it all.

Yes, if you haven't observed, my hubby was done reading his papers. 

My son resurfaced 30 mins later carrying a huge loaf of bread. We had three loaves at home...and I suddenly became familiar to that temper rising inside me. Why did you get this, I asked. Well, I thought you will need it for my sandwiches for tomorrow, he said. I don't forget things..I already have it I said. He said nothing...shrugged and hopped away. The furnace inside me took a while to die. 

My hubby helps me a lot when he sees that the furnace is on....he was helping our son pack his bag for tomorrow. Of course it involved me...every 5 minutes. It starts off with, 'Ma...which tee?'. ..I say blue...he packs yellow. 'Ma, which bottle?'. I say white...he packs a weird transformers water bottle that is smirking at me....i am sure it did. It was bumblebee.....oh never mind..I am sure you know what I am talking about....The next 10 minutes were an argument on why do we need an extra pair of socks. My son throws in a winner...he says....'Ma, I am going on a trek..pack lightly..and that goes for food too....pack half of what you are planning'.

I managed to keep a straight face on.....He sure is growing up fast I said to myself.....

My night walk ended in eaves need for fresh air was me glued to a post pretending to tie my shoelaces..a conversation between a son and his was cute and I had to.....

The mother was telling her son to remember something properly...kind of drilling it in his system....and that boy had such an adorable look on his face..he was bemused for sure....he said yes a million times and then, hugged his mom....that hug said...'Don't worry ma, I got this'.

I knew what I had to do. That kid taught me something. I went home, hugged my son...told him I was sorry for overreacting about the bread, and said I was so proud that he was trying to be responsible..trying to help me, trying to grow up...exactly what I ask him a million times a day to do....

He smiled and hugged me back. That sorry cost me nothing...and the smile that my son gave me was precious....we slept peacefully and I knew I had grown up that day.....till the next conflict rolls in....peace!!!!

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