June and the School saga!
|   Jul 17, 2016
June and the School saga!

Vacations are important. They are needed to recharge the cells. To relax and rejuvenate. To gear up for the coming annual year. To finish off and wrap up the holiday homework! A new academic year and fresh challenges are around the corner. To contain the excitement a new class, new teachers and new friends bring. So, yes, vacations do us good.

A mom to two kids. 11 and 5. Quite a platter. From integers to basic maths. From complexities to colouring inside the borders. From Triangles and intersections and venn diagrams to shapes. From tongue twisting hindi words to the basic swarnamala. Phew, life as a parent is tough. But then we are brilliantly engineered to make sure that this fatigue and pressure is not visible when we are with kids. We might lose it at times, but the smile stays on. ..

We started preparing for school. It meant visits to the stores. We had to bring home avengers and Barbie. The bags of course. And lunch boxes. Pencils to choose from. Pinks and well my son chose grey. Thank God for that. We spent a lovely afternoon sitting and chatting and covering the school books with the traditional brown paper. Some things are so school.

We talked about the fears and apprehensions of moving to a new class. A higher grade. It is important to talk about our fears. Repressing them can be a wrong move. I as a parent did my best to assure them. Importantly we talked and we bonded. Khuljaye Bachpan to me means sharing the deepest darkest and silliest fears too. How can we call ourselves parents if our child cannot confide in us? Khuljaye Bachpan is all about love, care, trust and friendship…between a parent and a child. Age to me here, is just a number.

We talked about new teachers and the new adventures at school. Variety of subjects and extracurricular activities to choose from. We bought uniforms and sorted the cupboards. Bonding moments can be done anywhere, anytime. To think of it, you really need not sit and plan that oh, it’s time to sit and bond. It can happen, when you are cooking, when you are folding clothes, when you are watching a movie. Let it happen as naturally as it can.

The day is here. It’s time to move and rustle and jostle my joints. Packing lunch boxes, braiding plaits, hovering around them to push them off in time for the school bus. So, yes..the action had begun. But when they waved happily at me for day 1 at school, with their button noses pressed against the panes, I knew in my heart they would feel fine. The Khuljaye Bachpan moments we had would have cemented the bond for sure. The talks we had. The bonding moments we spent together as we covered those books and named them. And their confident faces did make me proud. So….cheers to Schools and the feelings it brings along. Happy Schooling!


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