Look ma! No Hands.....
|   Jul 20, 2015
Look ma! No Hands.....

I was born in a free world where my childhood was full of dreams and freedom to express and unleash my creative side. I desire the same for my kids. A place where their dreams are nurtured and nourished and their creativity is unchained. Where play is fun and educative and learning is incorporated without being boring or mundane.

All children are artists. The whole world is a canvas for them, the walls, the floor, paper, skies, grass, air, water...everything surrounding them. Every field they excel in is an art. We as parents have to hone and sharpen their skills. Tap their potential. But where is the magic...where are the tools, who has the magic wand to create this wonder?

WonderBoxx has the answers to these questions. They have come up with a magic box filled with endless possibilities to nurture this. A magic carpet that takes the kids on an incredible art adventure.

The question is how does Wonderboxx merge art with fun? How does it get the kids to learn through play..hands on learning as they say. Wonderboxx has a perfect recipe for this. They have three unique approaches to making this more interesting and adventurous.

  • Art is all about getting inspired. Inspiration can change lives. So by exposing kids to influential artists and their work, a sense of inspiration can be imbibed at an early age.
  • Perfect tools supported by techniques and the slight nudge to boldly experiment with colours, fabric and weave astounding art forms.
  • It is fun to learn and create 3D images. Wonderboxx provides the platform to experiment with this creation.

So, basically Wonderboxx is a well assembled inspiring box of creative tools, amazing sketchbook, new techniques and a fascinating encyclopedia for artists in making. It promises the perfect balance of fun with knowledge.

WonderBoxx realises that kids are born creative and have and insatiable thirst for knowledge. Their imagination soars sky high and has no boundaries. Wonderboxx provides the attitude. It knows that inspiration, creativity and tools to hone this skills are the perfect ingredients to create that magic recipe.

A theme inspiring journey every month, tailor made for age groups, toys, activites and books scanned under the eagle eye of experts all make sure kids are engaged happily in learning through play.

The team at Wonderboxx believes that kids must explore, travel, stumble, learn and improvise. Whereas the play in unrestricted, the knowledge is right on track.


Wonderboxx recognises and tries to tap the potential of the budding artists in making, at the same time providing a perfect method of hands free learning where whens and whys are satisfactorily answered. The frowns are replaced with smiles! Lessons that last a lifetime are learnt.

Come and explore the benefits this amazing box has to offer...go on a magical journey where art comes to life...

Click here to learn more about the “Incredible Art Adventure” themed Wonderboxx.

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