The day she grew wings
|   Feb 03, 2016
The day she grew wings

The silent afternoon was shattered by my daughter's shrill voice. 'Ma, do you know we learnt about Pupa and butterfly and cocoon?'. I nodded. I was amazed by the retention power this generation has. They like learning from nature. They like observing things. Eager as a sponge to absorb it better. Retain it for long. I like it. 

The 5 minute walk home was adorned with stories and facts about how a caterpillar turns into a gorgeous butterfly. The conversation heavily punched with tiny gestures of her fists and her head bobbling in opposite directions and swaying little piggy-tails.

I love these tiny conversations we have en route. Its my FM station and she is my radio jockey. My son is not much of a talker or he has grown big enough to talk sense now(?) and the worldly ways must have got into him to stop him from all this bantering that I miss. He is lost in a world of homework, books, assignments and projects. Sports, Olympiads, spell bees and what not. I long for that hug but he is always on wheels. The mother in me tries to collect and preserve the moments I have had with him. The silly ones of course.

I admire her tiny fingers and wide eyes. And all the excitement that pours in from the conversations we have. She will give up this chattering too and withdraw into her cocoon just like my son. The numbers will add up to her age and she will be off sailing in her boat and I will wait on the shore, missing all these silly moments I had with my kids. My son's sail has already caught up with the wind. And she is building her boat. Like Tom Hanks in cast away. 

Post lunch I plonked on the couch with a book and she got busy with her her dolls. A rustling noise brought me back from the book to reality. She was humming a song. I peeped inside the room. She stood there trying to put on a bright red frock. She had changed from her casual teddy print pyjamas into this beautiful gown and was tying on the straps.

In that moment, the life cycle of a butterfly came flashing to me. She was growing up so fast. She was growing wings. Eager to explore the skies and the ground beneath. She turned around and her face was torn between a semi smile and a tiny fear that her mom would be mad at the mess of clothes lying around. I looked at her and smiled. I told her how gorgeous she looked and the next second she flew in my arms and I sighed at the little caterpillar in my arms and hugged her back. Time to get some tissues people...sniff sniff

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