The Monday that was...
|   Dec 15, 2016
The Monday that was...

Monday morning. The ever loyal alarm went off in the most annoying and persuasive tone. It took me 5 seconds to figure out from where the sound was coming and another 5 to switch it off. The whole 10 seconds were punched with disagreeing oohs and aahs from my family. I wondered why they were sad when it was me who always got up a good 30 minutes before anyone.

Now, the worst thing that you can do when you switch off the alarm is not waking up within the next 3 seconds. A very over confident me thought that my over smart brain would nudge me and wake me up naturally! Pun intended. It didn't happen. I dozed off. Suddenly a jolt woke me up. With one bleary eye, I figured out my son packing his bag. And there was bright dazzling sunlight everywhere. I thought it was heaven. I came back quickly on earth when my daughter threw a chop with her leg on my bladder which was already threatening to burst. I jumped up and landed like the flying Jatt in my kitchen, muttering under my breath, cursing the clock, monday blues(I don't know why they associate such a lovely colour with depression..but today I better nod). It was followed by heavy sighs, atta in my hair, motherly nods, disagreeing stares, why didnt the alarm wake me up thoughts, multitasking and cursing under my breath at the same time. Quick glances at the clock and stern ones at the kids followed. It was a riot..a tsunami. Uniforms, lunch and snack boxes, water bottles, reminders for sun screen lotions to be slapped on, plaits and shoes..all multiplied by 2. Sigh sigh...One eye on the bus and another on the lift..the third..oh wait...I have only two eyes. Let the third eye stay closed...we managed to wave happy goodbyes and forced smiles....phewHubby very spiritedly went to the gym. I looked around and saw a carnage that my tsunmais had left behind. I sighed and tried to go through the mad, crazy morning. But nothing was that important and nothing came rushing to my mind...except two beautiful smiles. Two tiny words...Goodbye Ma...tiny rushed wave of those hands that hold my life...and I knew....that was what mattered. I sat with my cup of coffee and soaked in that beautiful morning....the sun smiled back at me.

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